How to dust indoor plants


How to dust indoor plants

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How to dust indoor plants

Indoor plants are a joy to the eye and a way to clean the air in the house. They are generally easy to maintain and, for some, resist very well to the cold seasons. Nevertheless, in case of neglect, not only their aesthetic side is damaged, but they also risk breathing badly, or even death. To avoid these unfortunate consequences, there is nothing simpler. It is enough to regularly clean the green plants. Here are five practical and natural tips to get it right.

  1. Adapt the cleaning tool to the type of plant

If the plant is water resistant, such as cactus or aloe, it can be cleaned in the shower. Simply direct a very gentle stream of room temperature water directly at the leaves.

On the other hand, if the plant is more fragile, use a damp cloth or sponge to dust each of its leaves. Avoid, however, the use of a cotton cloth, which risks depositing unwanted particles on the green plant.

In case the houseplant is oily and hairy, opt for a brush with soft bristles to avoid pressure on the leaves. No brush at hand? A feather duster will be just as effective in dusting these small living beings.

  1. Enhance cleansing water with…secret ingredients!

To nourish and shine green plants, add a few drops of beer, milk or olive oil to the water before wiping the cloth over the leaves. Moreover, olive oil helps keep away several parasites, such as ticks and aphids.

  1. Do not forget to dust the underside of the leaves

To clean only the visible part of the plant is to reduce to nothing the effort made to take care of it; this affects its good photosynthesis, and therefore its health and vitality. Therefore, do not forget to dust the lower part of the green plants.

  1. Remove dead leaves

Use a clean tool such as pruners or sharp scissors to remove any wilted or wilted leaves. They are usually yellow or brown in color and may harm the development of the plant by attracting harmful fungi.

  1. Avoid aerosol polishes

In addition to being expensive, this solution is not suitable for all green plants and can harm their health by preventing them from breathing normally. In addition, using a natural cleaner is more ecological while remaining effective.

From now on, the cleaning of green plants no longer holds any secrets for you!

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