The benefits of a month without alcohol on the body and mind


The benefits of a month without alcohol on the body and mind

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The Benefits of an Alcohol-Free Month on Your Body and Mind

Many people like to have a drink or two from time to time at the end of the day, or during a dinner with friends. Nothing more normal! When consumed in moderation, alcohol is normally not a serious threat to our health. However, many North Americans unknowingly suffer the consequences of excessive consumption. If this is your case, the following article will motivate you to rectify the situation.

For the past few years, people all over the world have taken up the challenge of not drinking any alcohol for the entire month of January. Nicknamed “Dry January”, this new trend provides many benefits to body and mind. Here are 7 significant ones:

  1. Decreased calorie intake: a single glass of beer or wine represents approximately 150 calories, the nutritional value of which is very low or non-existent. Cutting out alcohol therefore reduces the number of unnecessary calories we absorb.
  2. Better hydration: alcohol dehydrates all organs of the body. You will therefore be better hydrated by not consuming it. This will be reflected, among other things, in your skin, which will be healthier.
  3. Better sleep: Alcohol disrupts your sleep and causes you to wake up more often during the night, which hinders proper recovery. By avoiding this, you will be in better shape and have more energy in the morning. And as a bonus, no hangover!
  4. Stronger immune system: Alcohol weakens our immune system and therefore lowers our resistance to infection and disease.
  5. Better mood: its immediate effects (pleasure, relaxation, etc.) can be pleasant, but you should know that alcohol belongs to the category of depressants and can cause serious disorders such as anxiety, irritability and depression.
  6. Better memory and better concentration: By not clouding your brain, you will have clearer ideas throughout the day, which will allow you to make good decisions and be well in control of your life.
  7. More money in your pockets: obviously, even if you have to think about your health first and foremost, no one will be upset to find themselves with more money in their bank account at the end of the month. Take the opportunity to give yourself a little gift, you deserve it!

Finally, remember that changing a well-established habit is not always easy, but it is still possible. Just believe in yourself and take it one day at a time!

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