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Here are 11 applications that will undeniably make your life easier to consume better, reconnect with yourself or simply take care of your health.

We can never repeat it enough: drinking water is essential to keep a body well hydrated and therefore healthy. But as strange as it may seem, remembering it throughout the day is far from being a reflex. Never mind, all you have to do is download the application Water Reminder. You enter data about yourself and your lifestyle (weight, height, gender, bedtime, etc.), a goal, and the app will calculate your daily water requirement. Remember to put “Allow to send me notifications” so you can be alerted throughout the day from when to drink!

The moral code of each brand

By registering on the free application Morale score you indicate the causes that are important to you (environment, tax contribution, innovation, impact of technology on humans, fairness, processing, use of personal data, etc.), you then select your needs (washing, eating yogurt, choosing a cream, shopping, etc.) and a list of brands appears with a score. The higher the score, the more the brand is in line with what you are looking for (depending on the criteria you met at the start). Everything is then detailed with a grade from A to D (compensation of employees, etc.). A really very instructive application!

A little bamboo to relax

This is probably one of the best known applications in the field of meditation or simply stress reduction: small bamboo. You will find a lot of very useful tools there: stories, breathing guides to achieve cardiac coherence, atmospheres to choose from, sounds, discovery of mindfulness, all in a progressive way. You determine your goals (smile at anxiety, let go of serene sleep, etc.) and you will find a suitable meditation. This application is used by GIGN forces, for example, to de-stress. Paid version 6.99 € / month.

To control their diet

MyFitnessPal is a must when you want to determine the necessary Kcal according to your gender, height, weight, etc. It is possible to define an objective and the application then calculates the rations to be consumed to regulate itself. Be careful to have a progressive objective, indeed asking the application to consume 1200kcal/day makes no sense and can even be dangerous for your health!

Anti-waste and economical

The app Too good To go is completely free, it allows you to geolocate a business (bakery, restaurant, etc.) near you whose stock of perishable foodstuffs is unsold in order to offer them to you at reduced prices at the end of the day. Double benefits therefore: we fight against waste and we eat delicious baskets at low prices!

The composition under the magnifying glass

Many applications exist, it is up to each person to choose the appropriate one given certain controversies to which they may be attached: Yuka, Mireille, INCI Beauty, Whichcosmetic, etc They make it possible to decode and decipher the composition of our food products or our cosmetics… or both! Anyway, these tools have revolutionized the way we consume. You will quickly find that many of your favorite creams do not wish you well 😉 Be careful, after downloading them you will undeniably do your shopping differently! Ready for the big shift in your consumption?

The sorting guide

It is not always easy to find your way around selective sorting. What is recyclable? What is not? Easy to know! The app only green makes it possible to differentiate each piece of waste and categorize in which type of bin it should go. You scan the barcode of your waste, a plastic bottle for example, and the application will tell you where to throw it, better, it will geolocate the collection points nearby. The application also answers recurring questions: Are our light bulbs recyclable? A guide to an eco-responsible bathroom, etc

Know your medications

From a purely health point of view, this application has its uses! Medico Pro allows you, simply by scanning the barcode of a medicine or by entering its name, to know the recommended retail price, social security reimbursement rate, alternative generics, composition, package leaflet, presence on the French government watch list, Service Médical Rendu opinions, etc. Free version and Paid version €4.49 permanently. or €0.99 / month

For quick and adapted recipes

With Chive we havea multitude of recipes that take into account your allergies, your usual purchases, your dietary habits, the seasons, the number of ingredients, etc The application also provides a calendar to plan recipes, a shopping list generated according to upcoming recipes, a scan function to integrate the product into a recipe, but also a pill box function for the reminder of treatment doses, etc

Learn in 20 minutes

Koober is probably one of the apps I find most useful. These are audio books summarized in 20 minutes. The best of a book condensed into minutes. In traffic jams, public transport, or simply to launch when you are preparing to optimize your time. Many genres available: from the biography of Leonardo da Vinci to personal development. Obviously if you are a fan of reading, this can be a good complement. What to rise in a short time! Paid version 5.83 € / month, 7-day free trial version available.

Being in tune with the moon

The app Lunar phasewill allowindicate the lunar calendar accurately: indicate the data of the sun and the phases of the moon thanks to an accurate calendar. To do what ? Simply regenerate your stones if you have any, this will recharge their benefits and powers, or simply take the opportunity to reconnect with yourself. The Full Moon is often an opportunity for introspection. Even if no scientific study has been conducted, the Moon has a 28-day cycle, like the woman, divided into 4 phases, like the woman! It is often said that the woman is linked to the Moon while the man is to the Sun. Free basic version and paid premium version at 5.49 €.

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