35 façons de prendre soin de soi – Lotus & Bouche Cousue


“Because we are neither intellectual nor totally superficial, although we place real value on our image. Because we love sushi, we know penniless periods too, we sometimes worry too much so we get rid of some fuss. Because we have a head full of dreams, but we also sometimes need truces when our motivation is on strike. Neither professional sportsmen nor sedentary, we sometimes do not lack air, ready to ruin ourselves for an Ipad Air as well as a nice pair of sunglasses. Because we are not healthy every day, but neither daily bulimia, we have created Lotus & Bouche Cousue, an unpretentious blog that covers all these aspects of our personalities at the same time, without claiming to be THE voice.

In short, we are only women, and that’s fine!

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