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Unique is the adjective that I will use to define this incredible experience that I lived… Answers, new questions, profound upheavals and above all a lot of kindness. I make you discover a holistic day with Epiccure Events…

To give you an example, here is what my program was:

10am-10.30am: Welcome & breakfast

10:30-11:15 a.m.: Psychomorphology workshop

11:25 a.m.-12:10 p.m.: Phototherapy session

Lunch break

1:35 p.m.-2:20 p.m.: Medium session

2:30 p.m.-3:15 p.m.: Qigong liao fa

3:25-4:10 p.m.: Watsu session

Snack Break

4:55-5:50 p.m.: parapsychology

5.50-6.35 p.m.: Massage

Details of the workshops

Meet in a charming cottage, rigorously selected by the benevolent and perfectionist Aude. Each day / stay takes place in a different place and always very beautiful and pleasant. The day begins with a breakfast with Aude, who explains the course of this day, and a tour de table of the professionals to explain in summary how the sessions will unfold.

Psychomorphology workshop / Adeline Fleury

Adeline gives me the choice among 3 types of workshops, I choose the one dedicated to psychomorpho. This consists in determining my character according to the morphology of my face. Adeline examines each area of ​​my face before telling me about her feedback. Depending on the dominant area of ​​your face (intuition, emotion, intellect) character traits are already highlighted. Adeline then refines and makes connections. What is exciting in this practice is that our face does not lie. We can always make ourselves believe that we are like this or like that, but the face displays certain truths to it that we sometimes refused to see. Adeline gave me confidence through her details. Like, for example, explaining to me that my face, falling into the category of “dilated” at the level of its structure, indicates a very good capacity to welcome and manage events, to be resourceful. In short, this workshop puts the truths in their place and our lack of confidence in some of our traits has better watch out!

Adeline FLEURY, Naturopath & practitioner in psycho-corporal technique, 06 30 48 52 91,

Phototherapy shoot / Maureen Domprobst

Head to the room of the beautiful Maureen for an original and not so obvious discipline! A photo-therapy session, either, while talking with Maureen. She thus captures specific emotions. Don’t be afraid, the goal is not to be “beautiful”, the goal is to be more comfortable throughout the session. And for that Maureen is very good. Her gentleness, her non-judgmental empathy quickly make you feel like you’re with a girlfriend. Fabrics and accessories are available according to our wishes. After the session, a short debrief of the photos taken. And believe me, even if you don’t particularly appreciate yourself in photos, there will necessarily be one that will seduce you, of which you may even be proud. Maureen will simply have been able to capture the moment without embellishment or tense face. This gives very intimate photos with a lot of depth. Emotion is what qualifies his catches.

Maureen DOMPROBST, Photographer, 06 48 76 62 44, @phototerrehappy

Medium session / Elisabeth Wallerand

This is probably the most stressful workshop for me. I had never done a mediumship session. I lay down, Elisabeth then put her hands above my feet, without ever touching me, and scanned my body up to my head in order to determine the blocking zones. She also asks me what issue I want to work on. I can’t say why, my legs shook all session, without being able to stop, an uncontrollable feverishness. Elisabeth then began to concentrate and communicated a wave of very personal information. Past events, family traumas dating back 2 or 3 generations to explain some of my own blockages. I got a lot of information during this session. So to speak, a month later I still think about it every day in an attempt to make connections. Some lyrics being very precise and others more vague, requiring a little deepening. Elisabeth enters into verbal communication with deceased relatives and shared their words with me. I will not be able to detail here everything that has been said for obvious reasons of intimacy 🙂 anyway it was a unique experience for me.

Elisabeth, energy rebalancing, visualization & transformation, 06 12 8456 03

epiccure event

Qi gong liao fa and sound therapy / Johanne Delevaux

This is one of the most original sessions! Johanne lies down while getting to know me. I am very quickly at ease, Johanne gives off a positive vibration, soft and at the same time dynamic. She practices on me different movements halfway between massage and energy care. This is an ancient Chinese technique. Johanne uses tuning forks for the cleansing aspect of the energies. It determines by its sensitivity, the areas that require more attention in our body. I had the impression of waking up from a restful nap without having slept! A very energizing and restructuring experience!

Johanne DELEVAUX, Psychologist & energy specialist, 07 70 44 78 05,

Watsu / Sabrina Hemera

This is a discipline still little known: shiatsu in water. A moment of absolute grace in the arms of Sabrina who will take control of all my movements for a massage worthy of a gentle aquatic choreography. A merger with Sabrina is happening, she is my voluntary inertia for 45 minutes. Only the face remains out of the water, Sabrina takes care of it rigorously. No need to know how to swim, Sabrina will be your fin. Just agree to let him take over your movements and you will come out of this session at once. rested and full of energy thanks to the double benefit of shiatsu and water.

Sabrina DELFI, Watsu, massages, reflexology, shiatsu & training, 07 82 68 64 69,

Parapsychology / Isabelle Lelodey Dion

A session still very rich in emotions! I lie down and Isabelle suggests that we address a particular problem that is close to my heart, in order to resolve it. For this session, Isabelle used role-playing games in order to best evacuate the problem addressed. She takes on the role of the person at the heart of the matter, I answer her. Then we switch roles, Isabelle becomes myself and I don’t take the place of the said-person. An exchange that is impossible to have in this reality. It’s quite confusing. Isabelle also hears messages and may therefore be able to give information related for example to our ancestors. An experience that requires looking far into one’s emotional resources and which helps to move forward. Isabelle adapts to each person to establish her session. For example, my friend Shaerazade who had a session right after, had a very different session.

Isabelle Lelodey Dion, Kinesiologist, 06 75 53 76 49,

Massage / Morgane HECHINGER

To end this emotionally rich day, what better than to spend between Morgane’s delicate and expert hands? For me it was Californian massage : movements that are both fluid and firm alternate, facilitated by an intoxicating oil, all in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation. I even think I fell asleep for a few moments, the decompression is so present! At the end of this wonderful moment, you feel like new!

Morgane HECHINGER, Practitioner in well-being massages at home In Lyon06 26 17 69 31, morgane@temporepos


In conclusion, this type of day is unique for me. I don’t think I’m overreacting when I talk about the intensity of this day such that it marks a life. If you have problems, of any kind, that you want to work on yourself and move forward, understand who you are and unravel even unconscious blockages, these holithic days are made for you. It’s a real investment, and sincerely the price is very advantageous when you know that a simple 45-minute massage already costs 75 euros. Congratulations Aude for these great initiatives!

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