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I was telling you about the law of attraction in this article, today I’m tackling a related topic: the pivot process. It’s about experiencing positive emotions despite a negative situation.

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To feel comfortable, our brain splits experiences into 2 partseven insignificant, that we experience on a daily basis:

  • Pleasant situations: security, joy, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, pride, etc.
  • Unpleasant situations: nervousness, anger, disappointment, sadness, anxiety, frustration, etc.

The pivot process will act on negative experiences, transforming them into positive ones. It’s the emotional turnaround.

We cannot choose the circumstances of certain events, but we can choose the way of welcoming them.

How to use the pivot process?

In the case of a pleasant situationyou just need know how to detect it and appreciate it. This will allow you to reproduce this feeling or make it last. For example, I like to walk in this neighborhood with my companion on Sunday morning, I become aware of it and I reproduce it. It’s somewhere learn to optimize your happiness.


Now let’s take the case of the unpleasant situation. How to mitigate this effect? Indeed, the first (and normal) reaction will be to feel displeasure. Gold, negative emotions feed on themselves and grow. The more you ruminate on an annoyance, the more it will grow. If you channeled him from birth (forcing you to think of something else, to do something else), this annoyance would not have taken possession of your temper. Once the annoyance has set in, it is very difficult to manage to appease it quickly. It is therefore necessary to act from the start. For example, visualize a monster that grows as you feed it. Then stop feeding it, it loses weight and then dies. This is where the pivot process comes in. Once the so-called unpleasant situation has been identified, it is then necessary to visualize how it could have been positive, so that in the future you are rather confronted with the pleasant version of the situation.

For example, you missed your flight. This generates annoyance and stress. The idea is therefore to become aware of what should have made this experience pleasant: I particularly like arriving early at the airport, taking the time to drink a coffee and have a look at the Duty-free. In this way, not only do I no longer feel the negative emotion of the stress of missing my plane, but I also add pleasant sensations in my opinion (drinking a coffee, shopping).

pivot process

By doing this, you have created a positive mental image. It’s you who won over your emotions and your brain. You are master of yourself (and that’s no small feat!). Without flagellating yourself, without dwelling on this situation, you look to the future to correct this experience so that it does not happen again and that you no longer feel this displeasure. There are no more negative experiences, only lessons that allow you to correct your future situations towards the positive. For the “experts” in the pivot process, it is not uncommon for them to find even an opportunity at the so-called unpleasant experience.

I do not focus on the negativity of the thing but on the teaching that it brings me. It’s somewhere to be resilient.

Be active in this process

The pivot process therefore requires the subject to be active. Countering your first and/or primary emotions and redirecting your state of mind is a huge job. For example, at the start of a negative event, you can do a sports session that I propose here in order to create a diversion.

Being in a dynamic of acceptance of things and emotional reversal leads to new vibrations. And I remind you that vibrations are essential to achieve our objectives (see the article on the Law of Attraction).

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