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A special program for the face that will tone the eyes with simple movements.

I find you for a novelty on my blog: a sports program but dedicated to the face ! Before telling you more, come and join me quickly on instagram for lots of advice and good humor, right here !

Gymnastics or facial yoga

I offer all kinds of free body programs right herebut today we’re going to focus on the face. It is a practice known to plump and tone the face which is also composed of a multitude of muscles. As with the body, if you take the time to strengthen your muscles, these muscles allow you to sheath the face, further define the oval, enhance the look, erase the double chin or plump up the mouth!

Before starting…

A few rules to follow before you start:

1. Have skin clean and clean.

2. Apply a little oil on his face. Favor a non-comedogenic or low-comedogenic oil such as jojoba, argan, avocado, hemp, cucumber, castor oil, prickly pear seed, grape seed, hazelnut, sweet almond, etc.

3. Sit down, keep your shoulders low and take a controlled breath: inhale slowly and exhale slowly, repeat 5 times for good relax facial muscles.

4. Every movement must be soft and slow. The skin of the face is thin, you have to be vigilant.

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