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I have combination, acne-prone skin. After testing various solutions, here is the routine that I put in place and which, after 2 months, has visibly improved the appearance of my skin.

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I have already written you various articles relating to discoveries and habits dedicated to my skin. On instagram (my account is just here), I regularly receive questions to summarize all the uses. So I said to myself that it would be easier for you if I directly wrote a complete article on my current routine, in detail by developing each step. Click directly on the product to be sent to the link 😉

My skin type

I have combination skin, areas of dryness around the cheekbones, and oily microcysts in the T zone. I have tried a lot of things: dermatological antibiotics, natural products to make yourself, unlike products very aggressive, etc. But this routine is clearly the most effective that I have put in place. Be careful, it starts to be visible after about 2 months. No miracle cure, but a succession of rituals that are effective on my skin.

In summer, I have to modify it a little because of the UV rays.


You will find that I run away from water as much as possible. For years, I’ve cleansed my skin with a mild gel, rinsed off with water, morning and night. I realized that the limestone and chlorine in the water scoured my skin and therefore, in the case of oily areas, the normal reaction of damaged skin: it produces (a lot) of sebum (and therefore pimples).

Less is more. In the morning I do the simplest thing. No cleaning, I apply my lotion directly Neostrata based on glycolic acid. I add a few drops of acid salicylic AromaZone. I give you all the details of this lotion and why I use precisely these products, in this article. I apply a moisturizing eye contour, and that’s it! I apply makeup about 15 to 30 minutes later, to give the product time to penetrate.

During the summer, I cleanse with micellar water and simply apply organic Aloe Vera gel.


Most of the time, I remove my make-up directly in the shower, with a organic soap made from olive oil and goat’s milk. I dry my skin with a clean face towel.

I am doing more and more “water stops” for my face. Regularly, I do not apply water for a whole week, and therefore remove my make-up with reusable cotton pads and this cleansing milk organic Cattier.

Once my skin is completely dry, I apply this organic retinol serumexcellent active against pimples and wrinkles, I give you all the details in this article. It also has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. And that’s all ! There are several schools: the serum must prepare the skin before a cream, and those who think that the serum is very rich, more than a cream and that the rest is therefore only a matter of marketing and consumption. For my part, I especially realized that the cream textures were clogging my pores. I apply only and if necessary on my dry area.

The “sides”

In addition to these two routines, I practice some other procedures from time to time.

The Jet-Peel treatment

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know everything since I took you with me during the sessions. Jet-peel is a technique from NASA (just that) which treats the skin in depth, without needles and without pain. How ? By propelling cell-boosting hyaluronic acid and vitamins at supersonic speed, without any direct contact with the skin! This treatment is done in several stages: lymphatic drainage, manual peeling and infusion of active ingredients. To optimize the results, I noticed that it was not necessary to wear make-up for the next 24 hours. For my part, I do it with Lala at the new age institute in Lyon 6th. The complexion is clarified and plumped up, it’s quite impressive! You have -15% on treatments, if you come from Lotus & Bouche Cousue 😉

The Dermaroller

I’ll be concise to you since you have everything an article dedicated to this practice that I do myself, right here. In summary, it is. a small €10 tool, to be used regularly, which will free the pores of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

A skin cleansing

I clean my skin once or twice a year with a dermatologist. Be careful, do not plan your Meetic date the next day! Small marks guaranteed the next 2 days!

A cure with zinc

The beauty of the skin also and above all comes from within! So we adopt a healthy diet. 4 times a year I do a cure that includes zinc dosed at 50mg. Zinc is a perfect ally for beautiful skin, beautiful hair and pretty nails! Apart from these “intense” cures in zinc, I take gummies less dosed but with lots of other vitamins. I love the ones that the brand The miraculous right here. Besides, you have -10% with the code LOTUS10.

Drink, drink, drink!

I drink 1.5 L of water a day and 2 cups of green or white tea, which are very good antioxidants.

A silk pillowcase

This trick is a bit Diva, I admit it! But a silk pillowcase has different benefits:

  • Silk avoids dehydration of skin and hair.
  • It is an anti-bacterial material and as the very birth of a pimple is a bacterium…
  • Silk is hypoallergenic.

Then, to spoil nothing, it’s super pleasant to fall asleep!

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