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In my last BEAUTY article, I was talking about acids who revolutionized my beauty routine and helped me a lot to deal with my micro-cysts, my acne and my first wrinkles! Today I’m talking to you about the second part of my skin beauty routine, the evening one, which consists mainly of retinol. Retinol is considered one of the best anti-aging and anti-acne active ingredients. This active ingredient, like acids, should be used knowingly. Indeed, on very reactive skin, it can cause some damage. It is therefore essential to be progressive and vigilant when starting to use it.

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What is Retinol?

After more than 25 years of existence on the skincare and cosmetics market, retinol no longer benefits from the attraction of novelty, of course, but it is unanimously accepted by specialists. Formidably effective against wrinkles and acne, retinol belongs to the family of retinoids, i.e. a derivative of vitamin A.

What benefits?

Retinol is first known to be one of the most powerful anti-wrinkles but also anti-acne. It is also excellent against the loss of firmness of the skin, to restore radiance to the complexion, to fight against spots and pigmentation of the skin, to tighten the pores, and to regenerate the cells more quickly. But that’s not all, it also fights against acne. How does he achieve all these results? By acting at the level of the dermis where it will strengthen the structure. Which means he will stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and fibroblasts. Combined with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, the effects are increased tenfold.

How to use it ?

The protocol is quite similar to that of AHAs and BHAs. It’s necessary wait at least 4 weeks to see first results. The first years of marketing revealed a problem with its use: redness, irritation and even swelling. You should know that now the dosages are adequate and minimal and that retinol is therefore much less irritating if not at all. To start, you can opt for 1% dosages. Subsequently, increase with dosages up to 5%. At first, use retinol 2-3 nights a week. If the skin is receptive and does not show any significant irritation, then increase slowly, until you reach it every evening. If you have slight irritations, don’t panic, it’s called ” the purge “. Desquamation is then possible, it is a normal process if it happens. But remain very vigilant that there are no other side effects (pushing of pimples for example, in which case it would be necessary to stop).

There is no contraindication for using it around the ring.

While using retinol it is mandatory to use sun protection 50. The skin is indeed more vulnerable. This is why it is more suitable to use it in the evening. Retinol degrades if it comes in contact with air or light, so an opaque bottle is recommended.

My Retinol Product

As for the acids, I give you the keys so that you choose the best your retinol-based product, but having tested only one, I cannot commit myself to recommending others! Mine, which you will find here, is organic and based on 3% retinol, vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. I currently use it every night. I leave it on for at least 30 minutes on clean, dry skin. Then before going to bed, I apply more moisturizing treatments on the tight areas. Indeed, having a combination skin, the cheekbones, the top of the lip or the temples can be dry. I don’t hesitate either, some evenings, to apply a moisturizer all over the face and some mornings to simply apply nothing to let the skin breathe.

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