Lyon-style beauty – Lotus & Bouche Cousue


Lyon beauty: I share with you the brands and brands that I have tested and approved! They all have an ethic, a history and exclusive products. The little extra? these are brands from Lyon or the region!



This Lyon-based brand (Charbonnière-les-bains) aims to combine health and well-being through natural dermo-cosmetic treatments. The principle behind Réjence® products? Ultra-concentrated products where water makes up less than 1% of the composition and leaves plenty of room for active ingredients such as vegetable oils. In other words, a real differentiating asset compared to many brands, whose main ingredient remains water. The brand includes cleansing balms, make-up remover oils, anti-acne sprays, bars of soap, care for all skin types, etc.

The products contain no chemical preservatives, no silicone, no paraffin, are obviously not tested on animals and are made in France, cold, for a better quality of conservation of the raw materials. The products do not contain essential oils and are therefore also suitable for children and pregnant women.

rejectMy opinion : A real ritual to set up to take care of yourself! I tried a complete regenerating kit with ultra-gentle oil makeup remover for the evening, the cleansing balm that does not strip the skin and the elixir just to die for! I loved using this range and would wholeheartedly recommend it to people with combination skin but in need of hydration. It is indeed quite complicated to find a range that treats excess sebum without being too harsh and without forgetting to nourish!




Here is a concept store in Lyon that only offers organic and natural products. An absolutely beautiful eco-chic store. Make-up, face, body & hair care, ranges for women and men, perfumes etc. in short, enough to redo your 100% organic baon room kit! But that’s not all ! Ecocentric is also about organic fashion: vegan leather goods, accessories and clothing from ethical designers, who also use natural materials. For non-Lyonnais, don’t panic, Ecocentric is also a fair online store here !

My opinion : a real bubble of well-being, a very friendly welcome, a well-explained concept and a remarkable range of brands.


Grand Hotel-Dieu
9 rue Marcel-Gabriel Rivière, 69002 Lyon



Are you tempted by an organic perfume made in France? The 100Bon slow-perfumery takes up the challenge of offering divine scents composed of 100% natural ingredients and organic wheat alcohol. Here, no use of petrochemicals or synthetic molecules. Each perfume is made in Grasse, according to the rules of French perfumery, based on essential oils. No animal testing, no use of dye or phthalate and the bottles are of course refillable. The workshops are based in Lyon but you will find everything on an e-shop just here.

My opinion : My fear was irrational: it’s organic so it will certainly hold less well. I have skin that doesn’t hold any scent, even among the biggest names. And very surprised! The perfume lasts on me for 2 hours which is, believe me, a feat. In short, you will have understood that these are quality products with little-known scents, which is a real asset for creating an olfactory identity. I tested the shower gel which is soft with a perfect smell, not too pronounced, the only downside and the large capacity bottle not very practical in the shower perhaps! Finally, if you are from Lyon, definitely go and visit the workshops, the universe is just incredible, I won’t say more!

13 rue Sainte Helene, 69002 Lyon


Beauty route

beauty itinerary

This is an e-shop launched by people from Lyon (Oullins), which offers products resulting from a perfect marriage of the two passions of its creator Églantine: travel and cosmetics! We therefore find on the site both products from all over the world and nuggets from Lyon, for example. Each selected product embodies well-established local know-how with typical ingredients, which are not found everywhere like the minerals of the Dead Sea. The site is participative, if one of you discovers a brand or a product during a trip, you can absolutely introduce it to this e-shop and then see it offered for sale! Finally, it is possible to select your products by the main ingredient you like, for example aloe vera…

My opinion : I have been able to test many resold brands, some very well known in the field of natural products, others less so, but in my opinion, the selection of products distributed is strict because I have only had good surprises: already there are 100Bon, the Ahava brand that I love, I discovered the Indemne brand through amazing oils but also Cowshed and its body scrubs!


Pure Altitude


This brand is not from Lyon but from the region (Haute-Savoie). it is a range based on mountain plants, all made in France. Its star ingredient is edelweiss, a mountain plant that has a powerful shield against external aggressions and aging. If you have ever been to Megève, you are certainly familiar with Les Fermes de Marie and their absolutely magnificent setting. The Pure Altitude brand was born from this universe and combines mountain lifestyle and beauty. Three fundamental pillars carry the mark, namely the rarity of the plants used, the technicality thanks to a selection of very effective active ingredients and the pleasure through rigorously chosen textures and perfumes. The brand claims to grow and harvest its ingredients with respect for the environment. The Sève de vie range is completely organic.

My opinion : if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I used the home fragrance for myself ^^ that already gives you my appreciation of the products! I tested the survival kit for extreme riders, I still use the repairing lip balm and especially the moisturizing body creams. I find the perfect texture: creamy but not greasy while perfectly hydrating the skin. I haven’t tried their organic Sève de vie range yet, but it’s definitely on my To-Do list with the jade roller!


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