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This inexpensive tool is extremely effective in making remove acne scars, plump up the skin, limit wrinkles/fine lines, limit pimples and restore shine to complexion. All the explanations in this article!

For those who follow me on instagram (Click here !)you have already had the opportunity to see my IGTV video dedicated to this product: the derma roller. I therefore return to the blog for a real detail of the use and interest of this inexpensive but very effective little tool.

First of all, the derma roller can be used for face and body. This article will discuss its use for the face.

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What is a dermaroller?

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It’s a small tool that includes a wheel with hundreds of micro-needles (540 for the face). For use on the face, it is recommended to choose a dermaroller with needles between 0.5 and 1mm, no more. This technique is inspired by microneedlinga practice of mesotherapy found among specialists in dermatology or aesthetic medicine, which aims to achieve a very effective anti-aging effect after several regular sessions. It is this famous technique that made the buzz when Kim Kardashian was filming her face in blood in the middle of a session. The Dermaroller is in a way the version adapted to individuals, provided you follow a few rules of use of course. I assure you no blood, no pain! the dermaroller is inexpensive (about 10 €) I put you, link of mine here.

This tool has several benefits:

  • Stimulate blood circulation and therefore give a boost to the complexion,
  • Fight against micro-cysts,
  • Limit the appearance of pimples,
  • Limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Plump the skin,
  • Reduce small acne scars.

The micro-needles will create micro-perforations that will stimulate the dermis. The skin cells will then have a defense reaction by creatingelastin and collagen to repair small lesions.


The dermaroller protocol

1. Hygiene

First of all, the dermaroller is a personal object, in the same way as a toothbrush for example. He does not lend himself. On the other hand, it must have a thorough and systematic cleaning. I use myself this disinfectant spray before each use, I rinse with very hot water, leave to act and dry for 30 minutes before use. Then, at the end of the use, I spray again with the disinfectant and I pass it under almost boiling water.

On the skin side, you need a cleansed and dried skin. Be careful, skin cleansed with a specific gel/soap and rinsed with water, and not a simple make-up removal with milk and cotton. I recommend evening use since redness will be noticeable (and normal).

2. Treatment

The penetration of the treatment will be 200 times more effective than during a “normal” application on the surface of the skin. Why ? because the micro-needles will make the treatment penetrate deeply. Suffice to say that it is therefore necessary to take advantage of it to select a treatment adapted to the problems of your skin and preferably biological. Apply your treatment on your face, without forgetting the neck and the contour of the face.

3. Movement

This ritual will take approximately 20 minutes. It will be necessary to proceed to 3 types of movements with the dermaroller: Make back and forth vertically, horizontally and diagonally, without pressure on the skin. A soft and fluid passage. At first, just do 5 round trips, then 8 during the second session, then 10 if your skin reacts well. Do not exceed 10 passages per zone.

Smooth over the entire facewithout forgetting the contour of the face (chin and jawline to keep a toned oval) and the nose where blackheads love to lodge.

4. Precautions

It will be necessary above all, do not use the dermaroller on inflamed pimples, wounds, herpes, etc. Also if you have very sensitive skin, be sure to test on a small area first. In addition, it is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

I recommend that you keep the packaging well and put it back in after use. so as not to damage the micro-needles which are very fragile.

My opinion

When I first used it I was scarlet red, kinda looked like I had a bad sunburn. My skin was a little tight, so I applied an extra organic aloe vera gel at the end, to reduce the sensation. The next morning, everything was perfect, skin returned to its usual color and an effect already plumped from the first use. It’s absolutely not painful, yet I’m terrified of needles! After about ten passages on an area, you feel a slight tightness, but nothing painful, or even unpleasant.

I have been using the dermaroller for a year and a half, 2 times a month, lack of time. I know that doing it once a week would now be more suitable. But already with this rhythm, combined with the use of the acids I am talking about in this articleas well as the evening use of retinol which I am talking about in this articlemy micro-cysts have diminished considerably and the quality of my skin has really improved.

It’s really the combo of everything I put in place that allowed me to fight and greatly reduced my acne, while maintaining a contraceptive whose side effects generate acne:

Miracle remedies alone do not exist, but a succession of targeted active ingredients that act synergistically (with patience) is THE solution.

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