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My homemade anti-microcyst oil: after having had a peel performed, I decided to find out how to create a treatment myself that would limit the appearance of microcysts, which I have in abundance! After hours spent documenting myself, I came to the conclusion that there were plenty of products, which, combined, could reduce my problem.

After a diagnosis it turned out that in addition to having a contraceptive that causes acne (and which unfortunately I cannot change due to health concerns), I have a lot of micro-cysts and grains of milia. My skin does not evacuate the impurities and reforms on it, which causes these unsightly irregularities on my face. Here is my little home remedy to limit the appearance of these companions who are a little too faithful 😉

My homemade anti-microcyst oil

First of all, the use of essential oils requires some precautions. Check these in my Essential oils starter kit. Don’t forget to join me on social networks for always more advice and motivation at daily : instagram, Facebookand pinterest!

ingredients :

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The detail of the ingredients

I did not choose these ingredients by chance, they are complementary and go to all of them: cleanse, purify, stop inflammation, emolliate and repair the skin.

  • nigella oil : oil suitable for combination to oily skin because it is non-oily. It is recommended for the treatment of acne, it is restorative and sanitizing and helps to regenerate the skin.
  • Jojoba oil: it regulates sebum and balances it, it regenerates and hydrates the skin without clogging it.
  • essential oil italian helichrysum : it is a powerful skin repairer that accelerates healing.
  • essential oil ravintara : excellent anti-bacterial! This oil is also a very good anti-inflammatory.
  • The essential oil of true lavender : a very good restorative and soothing oil and is known for its regenerative qualities.
  • The essential oil of Egyptian geranium: a powerful antifungal that has a purifying and astringent effect.
  • L’salicylic acid : very suitable for fighting against acne, oily skin, it is an excellent purifier which contributes to cell regeneration and evens out the skin. It fights against blackheads.
  • The AHA: it activates cell renewal, evens out the complexion, provides a “peeling” effect and purifies the skin.

For the two active ingredients AHA and salicylic acid, they have a very important complementary action. Indeed, the microcyst is formed because the sebum is stored in the pore of the skin, does not manage to evacuate and the new cells of the skin cover it. The salicylic acid will help exfoliate the inside of the pore and release the sebum, while the AHA will help exfoliate the surface of the skin and thus prevent the dead cell from being trapped in the pore.

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Achievement :

Add all the ingredients in the order listed. Use a sterilized glass bottle, preferably colored or opaque to prevent the oils from altering.

Use :

Apply in the evening on a clean face, a few drops are enough and make it penetrate well with clean hands. Do not apply on the eyes and mucous membranes. The first results appear after a month of treatment.


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