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Organic in my bathroom: it’s not just in food that organic is good! I favor more and more natural care and cosmetics. I’m taking you to my bathroom, to introduce you to my current favorites in the area!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I favor organic in my diet, but not only. Indeed, for my face, my body, my hair I also do my best to consume natural. I will also try to write more articles in this direction, I know that many of you here have this sensitivity to consume better, beyond the kitchen.

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Organic in my bathroom

I will present some of the brands that I use at the moment, so that you have a general idea of ​​its values ​​and the products that I know/use for each brand.

The body

We start with the shower and body care! At the moment, a big crush on the Coslys brand.

coslys3The Coslys brand: created 15 years ago in Somloire (Pays de Loire) the philosophy of this brand is to combine efficiency and respect for people and nature and offers 100% French products. Today, this brand specializes in care and hygiene and offers organic products for the whole family. Coslys favors partnerships with local companies to reduce the carbon footprint. Obviously the brand’s products do not contain any of these products: MIT (methylisothiazolinone), phenoxyethanol, paraben, oil from petroleum (vaseline, paraffin, etc.), silicone, EDTA, BHT, GMOs, derivatives of dead animals, etc. . and the fragrances are 100% natural. Finally, Coslys is a founding member of the Cosmebio association and adheres to One Voice and Cruelty Free.

My favourites:

  • The body scrub: 98.5% of natural origin, this scrub based on sweet almond, arnica, rice powder and hazelnut oil is gentle enough to be used twice a week, but very effective thanks to fine particles of rice powder and salt. I’ll spare you the details on the crazy sweet almond smell, bliss!
  • Body care is very rich (sweet almond, arnica, shea butter, aloe vera, hazelnut oil), which is perfect for both winter and summer. it penetrates quickly and sincerely one application each is enough to keep the skin hydrated, without crocodile skin the next morning! After depilation too, it soothes and nourishes perfectly, in short you will have understood that I intend to use it until the last drop!
  • hand cream perfectly softens the skin, I use it twice a day on average.

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The face

The brand : Oxalia draws the virtues of its products from flowers, plants and minerals in order to offer moisturizing, purifying and anti-aging ranges. The brand only offers organic care for women and men, but also sun protection and slimming care.

My favourites:

  • Cleansing milk: Regarding my face, I also use organic products. As I shared with you on Instastory, I had to avoid water on my face for 7 days. I took the opportunity to change my make-up removal routine and used the cleansing milk Cozy velvety what made me know the Belvira Institute, since it sells them in Lyon. I saw quite a change in 5 days! Much less redness and imperfections. I who have always considered water as the only real cleanliness solution, I might as well tell you that I was as surprised as I was delighted!
  • The purifying mask: to treat my combination skin I do purifying and rebalancing masks twice a week. This mask brings together very well the products that I like to use, namely green clay, hazelnut oil, witch hazel water and bamboo powder, a perfect cocktail for my skin!



Regarding my make-up, I have already been using products from the So bio etic brand for a few months:

The brand So’Bio Etic : The brand belongs to the Léa Nature group. The brand’s products are composed of at least 10% organic ingredients and 98% of natural origin. They also meet the Cosmébio charter, and obviously we don’t find sulphate, benzophenone, BHA, paraben, silicone, ethylhexylcinnamate, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone (MIT). The brand is a member of “1% for the planet” which means that it donates 1% of its turnover to environmental projects each year.

My favourites:

  • The BB cream 5 in 1: 99% natural ingredients, coverage worthy of a foundation, a natural finish and integrated care, since this BB cream contains pomegranate oil, an excellent antioxidant. It is ideal for problem skin since it is covering without smothering. I buy shade 01 and 02 to make a mixture that best matches my shade. Especially since the price is so affordable that two BB creams from this brand cost around 20 euros.
  • The light coral blush: this 100% natural blush has a color to die for to look good! This blush is enriched with organic rice powder and above all it does not dry out the skin since it is made of macadamia oil!


The hair

I then take you to my hair drawer! Here is my shampoo and my dry shampoo!

The brand Secrets of Provence belongs to the company Bernard Cosmetics, a soap specialist. The products are developed and manufactured in France and certified organic. I really like the fun and girly universe of this brand!

The brand Lush : This English brand is not organic but has a lot of values. The brand is very involved in associations and regularly offers products for sale, all the profits of which are donated. Lush is also handmade products, which involves more men than machines, jobs created and preserved. Lush offers a lot of solid products (shampoos etc.) in order to limit the manufacture of packaging. If you bring 5 empty jars back to the store, you get free care, in short, I can’t list all of their commitments, but there are many of them!

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