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A nice face mask purifying and healthy glow effect for all skin types, even the driest and most sensitive. Based onpurple clay – mixture of natural kaolin white clay and mineral pigments – this mask brings radiance and luminosity to dull complexions. Prepared minute, it requires no effort.

…and you have to admit that it’s pretty fun to spread purple on your face 😉

Ingredients :

Superfine purple clay: purifies, sanitizes, matifies the skin and fights against skin inflammation. Healthy glow effect thanks to its remineralising properties (rich in silica).

Spearmint hydrosol: tightens pores and tones the skin.

Fucocert cosmetic active ingredient: soothing, anti-aging, moisturizing, regenerating and promotes cell renewal.

purple clay

Preparation :

  1. In a bowl, add two teaspoons of clay.
  2. To pay a teaspoon of hydrosol.
  3. Add a ten drops of fucocert.
  4. To mix everything.
  5. The mask is ready.

NB: avoid clay contact with stainless metal. The ionic interactions between the clay and the metal surface would cause a loss of the good properties of the clay. So prefer a small plastic or wooden spoon to steel spoons to prepare your mask.

Application :

  1. Divide the mixture into thick layer on face and neckavoiding the eye area.
  2. Leave on between ten and fifteen minutes. Do not wait until the mask is completely dry.
  3. Rinse with clear water.
  4. Moisturize well the skin afterwards.


  • The clay is not recommended for people with high blood pressure because it enriches the blood.
  • The mask does not keep. It is to be applied immediately after preparation.

Mint hydrolat violet clay mask

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