Linky power cuts, gas shortage and news from Mars


Contents this week: find out if you are at risk of a power seam this winter, our tips against gasoline shortages to find stations in real time, a piece of debris clinging to an Ingenuity “leg” on Mars questions scientists and the collapse of Tencent, China’s biggest tech company.

Linky: find out if your water heater is at risk of being disconnected this winter


A decree published in the official journal on September 27 allows Enedis, like all electricity suppliers, to “suspend the automatic closing signal during an off-peak time slot of the day” which will have the effect of disconnecting certain equipment during certain periods, such as hot water tanks. Here are all the details and if you might be affected by these cuts.

Gasoline shortage: the essential kit for finding open stations in real time

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12% of service stations in France are experiencing a shortage of one or more fuels. Gasoline outlets are in fact suffering from both strikes at Total Energie and Esso France, the subsidy which makes certain fuels cheaper in France than in our neighbours, and the ripple effect of motorists, who seeing that fuel becomes hard to find, try to stock up. Here’s how to find open gas stations in real time.

March: how a “piece of plastic” ended up on an Ingenuity leg

Perseverance mission NASA ingenuity

Video taken from one of Ingeniuty’s last flights to Mars shows a strange piece of debris that strongly resembles a piece of plastic stuck on one of the small drone’s legs. However, those in charge of the mission have a hard time explaining how this potential sign of human pollution ended up in this place. Is this an accidental collection? Or the sign that the Ingeniuty autonomous drone is deteriorating under the winds and conditions of the planet Mars?

Everything to know about the dizzying fall of Tencent

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Tencent is in freefall on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The stock has tumbled 64% since 2021, against a backdrop of a new regulatory environment imposed by the Chinese government, falling WeChat advertising revenue, and more generally a lack of positive prospects for the future of the company. Overall, the Chinese tech sector is suffering a lot from the deterioration of the international context. Alibaba’s capitalization also plunged nearly $500 billion in 2022.

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