these details from James Cameron’s life inspired the screenplay


Avatar: The Waterway will not be released until December 16, but the franchise is already remembering our good memories. Thus, while the first part of the saga, released in 2009, is back in French cinemas, it is already paying the luxury of taking the lead in the box office for its first week of operation. No less than 355,000 spectators made the trip, which is to say that the expectation is high for the future.

James Cameron has a message for trolls

And precisely, after a very noticed first trailer, Disney continues its promotional work. During an interview given to varietySigourney Weaver, who is part of the cast, revealed a very interesting detail about the scenario of Avatar 2. She explains that James Cameron was inspired by his own experience:

The story is about family, our families trying to hold together in everything we do to protect each other and the place where we live. She draws a lot of inspiration from James’s family and his joy of family life, but also from the vulnerability of children.

As our colleagues from Screening, there are indeed real common traits between the family of James Cameron and the story of Avatar 2. Thus, the latter is the father of four children, just like Jake and Neytiri. Likewise, the filmmaker and his wife, Suzy Amis, became guardians of a friend of their daughter. And precisely, Jake and Neytiri adopt a teenage daughter named Kiri.

Of course, it is still far too early to see how well the scenario Avatar: The Waterway will be autobiographical. Anyway, James Cameron has good reason to hope that this sequel will be a real hit.

Last summer, he also issued a warning to toxic Internet users who were about to speak ill of his feature film: “ The trolls will have a good time saying that nobody cares and that they no longer remember the names of the characters or the slightest thing that happened in the film…. Then they’ll see the original again and say, “Oh, excuse me, I’m going to shut my mouth right now.” So I’m not worried about it about it. The tone is set, but not sure that his words would not hinder the attempts of these often very well organized communities.

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