what series or movie to watch this weekend?


Are you in front of your TV scrolling through Netflix films and series without finding your happiness? Do you already see him on weekends spending hours researching and finally not looking at anything? We’re not going to leave you like that.

To help you choose which series or movie to watch on Netflix this weekend, we have prepared a small selection for you. And since we’re nice, we’ve also prepared a short program of series and films on Disney+ and Prime Video. It’s for us, it’s a gift!

What series or movie to watch on Disney+

Werewolf by Night is a new original creation from the Marvel universe. Described as a “special program” rather than a movie, Werewolf by Night is shot entirely in black and white in the style of old horror movies. As for the plot, we follow a group of monster hunters who fight for a powerful relic while battling a fierce monster…

The Simpsons season 33 lands on Disney+. The season begins as a musical. Marge immerses herself in the spectacle of her college that she loved so much. But his memories are threatened by the return of a past rivalry…

How do I subscribe to Disney+?

Disney+ offers a unique subscription plan to 8.99 euros per month Where 89.99 euros per year. At this price, you have access to all the Disney catalog you can think of (classics, cartoons, etc.) but also a lot of National Geographic documentaries, and since February 2020, also, a lot of movies and series for adults in the Starz section.

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What series or movie to watch on Amazon Prime Video?

Catherine Called Birdy is a refreshing comedy set in medieval England. The story centers on a teenager who does everything to escape the arranged marriages that her father continually tries to impose on her.

The Walking Dead – World Beyond lands on Prime. This third series from the universe of The Walking Dead takes us 10 years after the zombie apocalypse. We follow four teenagers from the first generation of those who grew up during this period.

Rings of Power is arguably the most unmissable series event of 2022. Amazon has indeed bought the rights necessary to create a series with a huge budget around the universe of the Lord of the Rings. And for having seen the first episodes, the result is up to par, as if the cinema were inviting itself to the small screen.

How do I subscribe to Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is by far the most affordable streaming platform. And it is even possible that you are already subscribed to it without even knowing it! Prime Video is indeed part of the Amazon Prime subscription, a global billed offer 5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year. In addition to access to the video streaming platform, the subscription provides access to free delivery within one business day on Amazon, the Amazon Music streaming service, Twitch Prime and free unlimited storage of your photos on Amazon Photos + 5 GB of space on Amazon Drive.

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What series or movie to watch on Netflix?

The Midnight Club takes us to a mansion with a mysterious history. Every night at midnight, 8 members of a group calling themselves Midnight Club come together to share sinister stories – with the goal of sparking supernatural manifestations from beyond…

Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone is a science fiction film based on a story by Stephen King. A teenager discovers that his iPhone has a unique feature: it allows him to communicate with an old military man who has died.

The Redeem Team Bounce Back Together is a documentary that tells the backstage of the Olympic reconquest of American athletes in 2008 – four years after rather disappointing games.

The whole fate of the future is played out in Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Alchemy. This film is the conclusion of a trilogy that traces the entire history of the eponymous manga.

How to subscribe to Netflix?

netflix offers three subscription plans from €7.99 per month, with plans up to €15.99 per month. The difference between these different subscriptions is mainly due to the streaming quality (the cheapest subscription is limited to 780p quality) and the number of screens on which it will be possible to watch Netflix simultaneously. Here are the details of the offers:

  • Netflix Essential at €8.99 per month : unlimited access on 1 screen in standard quality
  • Netflix Standard at €13.49 per month : unlimited access on 2 screens in HD 1080p
  • Netflix Premium at €17.99 per month : unlimited access on 4 screens in HD, Ultra HD, HDR10 and Dolby Vision

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