5 alternatives to Google Chrome and good reasons to adopt them


For many Internet users, the first instinct we have when we have just started a new computer is to open the default browser of this one, in order to install Chrome. Indeed, the Google browser is the most used in the world.

And whatever we can say, this one has several advantages, whether in terms of performance or functionality. On the other hand, if you use an Android smartphone, using Chrome on your computer will be more convenient, since you will have easy synchronization between the history and passwords of your PC and your smartphone.

In essence, if Chrome dominates the PC browser market today (without being preinstalled on Windows or Mac), it’s because it has advantages. However, this does not mean that other browsers are not interesting.

By the way, if you intend to quit Google’s browser to explore the alternatives, here is a list.

Mozilla Firefox for Privacy

Although currently in decline, Mozilla Firefox still has a solid market share. And the main advantage of this one is that it is not offered by a company like Apple, Google, or Microsoft, but by the Mozilla foundation.

This status necessarily impacts the decisions of the browser developers. For example, in relation to third-party cookies and advertisements.

Third-party cookies are a type of cookie that is used by online advertising and which allows the user to be tracked from one website to another. These are so unpopular that even Google plans to ban them from its Chrome browser.

But before banishing these third-party cookies, Google will first implement a more privacy-friendly, non-tracking individual alternative for the advertising industry. For its part, Mozilla already blocks third-party cookies and by default.

“Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available on Windows, Mac, and Linux”the foundation announced in June.

Brave to earn cryptos

Among the alternatives that have been talked about a lot in recent years, there is also Brave. This one was created by Brendan Eich, one of the co-founders of Mozilla, and the creator of the Javascript language.

Besides the emphasis on privacy, Brave challenges the business model of the web or at least that of free sites that make money from advertising.

First, the browser claims three times the speed of Chrome. It also blocks trackers and “nasty ads” by default.

But what really sets this browser apart is its business model.

Brave removes advertisements from websites. But if the user wants, he can activate the rewards feature of the browser. This inserts new advertisements which, according to the developer, respect privacy.

And when seeing these advertisements, the user receives a share of the revenue in the form of a cryptocurrency called BAT or Basic Attention Token.

brave reward

The Brave rewards system. @Brave

Vivaldi for customization

To compete with Chrome, it is essential to offer better privacy protection. Also, like Brave or Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi offers protection against trackers. Ad blocking is also on the menu.

But what makes Vivaldi special is the customization. Instead of designing a browser that could suit everyone, the developers offer plenty of options to customize the interface to your liking. You can therefore customize it according to your workflow for more productivity.

In addition, to boost performance, Vivaldi also offers a lot of built-in optional tools (calendar, mail, notes, translation, contacts, RSS feeds, etc.), which you can use instead of extensions.

Vivaldi's highly customizable interface

Vivaldi’s highly customizable interface. @Vivaldi

Opera for the many features

To stand out, Opera has always relied on features directly integrated into its browser. And today, there are many of them. In addition to protection against trackers and ad blocking, the browser also includes a free VPN, an offline file transfer system, and a sidebar that allows quick access to WhatsApp or Messenger conversations.

Besides that, if you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, this one has developed another browser called Crypto Browser specially designed for you.

Web3 on Opera's Crypto Browser

Web3 on Opera’s Crypto Browser. © Opera

Microsoft Edge: finally!

The days of making fun of the browser installed by default on Windows are over. Indeed, Microsoft has already abandoned its proprietary technology which caused bugs on certain websites, in favor of Google’s Chromium technology.

Thus, today, websites optimized for Google Chrome are also automatically optimized for Microsoft Edge. However, if you use Microsoft products, using Edge will allow you to have better synchronization with your browser.

And the Redmond company offers some interesting tools that we don’t have on Google Chrome, such as an integrated VPN or a page dedicated to gamers (with Xbox). Edge also offers a power saving mode that can extend the battery life of your laptop.

Microsoft Edge
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