Amazon Alexa records, even when you cheat on your partner


You can find everything on TikTok. Among the videos that have recently made the buzz on the social network, there is that of Jessica Lowman, a user who was cheated on by her partner and who discovered this thanks to Amazon Alexa.

Some of you may not know this, but the requests sent to these voice assistants are sometimes recorded. And when this is the case, the recordings can be consulted on a history.

Until very recently, Jessica Lowman was also unaware of the existence of this feature. When she discovered this one, she decided to explore the history and there: surprise! She discovers the recording of a voice request sent to Alexa, at home, by another woman.

“This is how I found out my ex was cheating on me”she wrote in the text included in her video. “I didn’t even know Alexa was saving this.”

In the video screenshot, she posts this recording, in which the person her ex-partner allegedly cheated on asks Alexa to send a song. On the next recording, the former partner asks Alexa to adjust the volume.


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At the time this article is written, the video has already accumulated nearly 9 million views, and has been published by several media. As a result, this new way to indirectly spy on your partner via connected speakers is therefore widely known now.

“Jeff Bezos was doing us girls a favor from the start”, we read in one of the comments of the video. Other people indicate, in the comments, to have discovered the infidelity of their partners, in the same way.

Amazon Alexa and recordings: everything you need to know

For those who have just discovered the existence of these recordings, there is nevertheless no reason to panic. This is not a hidden function and if you do a little research on the e-commerce giant’s speakers, you will discover that it is transparent on the subject.

First of all, Amazon’s speakers do not record constantly, only when the user makes a request by talking to Alexa. These recordings can be viewed in the history (which the TikTok user has accessed) and can be deleted.

Why are these records kept? “Voice recordings are used to improve the accuracy of your interactions with Alexa. Deleting voice recordings associated with your account may harm your experience”can we read on an Amazon help page.

The good news is that you can program Alexa to automatically delete recordings after a certain period (for example, after three months). Or you can also set the wizard so that records are not kept at all.

Here’s how to end Alexa’s recording history

When you use an Amazon Echo speaker and communicate with Alexa, your requests are logged and then sent to the cloud for processing. On the other hand, ask Amazon not to keep these records after this processing.

In the Alexa app on mobile:

  • Select > Settings > Alexa & Your Personal Info > Manage Your Alexa Data
  • Choose the retention period for recordings.

You will have the following options: Keep recordings until I delete them, Keep recordings for 18 months (automatically delete the oldest ones), Keep recordings for 3 months (automatically delete the oldest ones), Do not keep records (delete previous records).

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