back in 6 figures on a historical event


You couldn’t miss the GP Explorer this weekend. After years of preparation, Squeezie and his teams managed to organize a Formula 4 Grand Prix on the Le Mans circuit, the very one that hosts the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Surrounded by famous creators, streamers and influencers, Squeezie therefore passed behind the wheel of these cars for 15 laps. Broadcast on Twitch with a device never seen before on the platform, the event broke audience records.

Back in 6 figures on the GP Explorer.


That’s the number of creators, streamers, and influencers vying for the grand prize. Gathered in 11 teams of two, they wore the colors of a slew of sponsors. Squeezie, organizer of the event, was part of the Modern Warfare 2 team, a new installment of Call of Duty. Here is the list of participants and their teams:

  • Oscaro: Depielo and Valouzz
  • Fruitz: Deujna and Dobby
  • NordVPN: Sylvain and Pierre Vilebrequin
  • MWII Racing Team: Squeeze and Gotaga
  • Alpine: Manon Lanza and Djilsi
  • World of Tanks: Amixem and Etienne Mustache
  • Cupra Team Pax Xari and Domingo
  • Black Adam: Prime and Bibi
  • PUBG Mobile: Kaatsup and LeBouseuh
  • Igraal: Seb and Sofyan
  • Rhinoshield: Joyca and Theobabac

The big winner of this grand prize is Sylvain Vilebrequin for the NordVPN team, followed by Depielo for Oscaro and Étienne Mustache for World of Tanks, after a thrilling finale. Squeezie takes fifth place behind LeBouseuh (PUBG Mobile).


This is the number of spectators gathered on the Bugatti Le Mans circuit to support their favorites during this GP Explorer. 40,000 spectators is half of a Stade de France, almost the capacity of the Parc des Princes.

By way of comparison, the mythical 24 Hours of Le Mans, which takes place on the same circuit, registers exactly the same number of spectators. This is to say the feat achieved by these young creators.


2 years ! It took nearly two years for Squeezie and his teams to prepare for the GP Explorer. To carry out this project, the creator and his teams had to move mountains. Starting with the search for funding and sponsors.

The technical challenges were also enormous. First at the level of the F4s used for the occasion, but also for the audiovisual system put in place. In the opinion of all professionals in the sector, the quality of the broadcast had nothing to envy to what can be seen in sporting events broadcast on traditional media. So Mr. Ardisson?

Finally, during these two years the participants had to prepare mentally and physically to enter the race. Driving an F4 does not happen overnight, in fact some one-day drivers have had a few scares.

Thus, most of the participants trained in driving, spent a lot of time preparing the cars, but also followed physical training to be on top of the day of the race.


This is the maximum cost of the GP Explorer project. If Squeezie did not communicate an exact figure, he still gave a range of the budget that such an event represents during a live on Twitch.

According to him, the GP Explorer costs between 3 and 5 million euros. 1.8 million euros are intended for participants. The rest of the costs are shared between the teams that organize and cover the event, a good part is also devoted to AMP Visual TV, the company responsible for broadcasting the event online.

Other costs are divided into cars, mechanics, circuit rental, insurance and logistics.

Of course, these sums do not only come from Squeezie’s money. The sponsors have certainly contributed heavily to the financing of this large-scale project. The sale of tickets to attend the event also made it possible to contribute to financing.

1 million

This is the peak of viewers recorded during the race. This threshold was even exceeded for a few minutes. This shows the importance of the event for the audiovisual world and the message sent to traditional channels.

With this score, Squeezie and his band broke the French Twitch record set at 700,000 simultaneous viewers. It had been recorded during the ZEvent of 2021.


The event takes the 5th place of the most followed events on Twitch in the world. A hardly believable feat insofar as the Amazon platform usually gives pride of place to the world of gaming.

Moreover, the most watched events in the world are mainly esports tournaments featuring the best teams in the world. The game CS:GO is also very represented there. With his place of number 5, Squeezie achieves a real performance (in addition to his 4th place at the grand prix).


By: Twitch Interactive, Inc.

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