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If Canva is best known for creating dynamic presentations and attractive visuals, the platform has recently embarked on video creation and editing. While the majority of video editing software requires a certain knowledge and mastery, Canva offers you to create and edit your videos with ease. Thus, you will be able to create videos for TikTok or for YouTube without breaking your head!

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Make video editing easily with Canva

Every month, 55 million users trust Canva to create stunning visuals, dynamic presentations, or engaging videos. Whether you want to create a fun video to celebrate your best friend’s birthday or want to edit your music video, Canva has you covered.

If you need a little help getting started, and the angst of a blank page, Canva has thousands of free templates. There are several template themes: whether you want to edit an important interview, create a video CV to stand out, make a vlog of your last vacation, Canva has the template for you.

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You can then customize them as you wish with the videos you import. You also have the option of drawing from Canva’s free video library to enrich your video. With the clever drag-and-drop system, everything is simple. Crop, split, edit, merge, resize and add filters to your clips with just a few clicks. Canva gives you access to free music, as well as various animations to spice it up. And why not add text or a voice-over? Anything is possible with Canva. Plus, Canva gives you all of this in a variety of formats so you can create the perfect video.

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Thanks to Canva, you can create professional-looking videos very easily. Plus, everything is accessible from your browser. It’s ideal. Cherry on the cake ? Canva is a free tool. Obviously some resources and features are paid, but the free version of Canva is rich enough to suit the majority of users.

To start creating and editing your best videos, all you need to do is create a Canva account for free. The rest is up to you. Let your imagination and creativity take the lead. Your friends or colleagues can even collaborate on this creation with you, in real time. Once your video looks the way you like, all you have to do is download it in MP4 video format and share it to the world.

Canva wants everyone, even the least computer-savvy, to be able to create professional-looking designs.

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