How a Mark Zuckerberg obsession is ruining Facebook


Remember, in the middle of August, the metaverse signed Facebook landed in France (and Spain), with the availability of Horizon Worlds here. At the time, the announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg himself, the latter not hesitating to publish a photo of his avatar in the metaverse, with the Eiffel Tower and the Sagrada Familia in the background. A publication that quickly made the founder of Facebook the laughingstock of the web, many being those who mocked a graphic model worthy of a bad video game production of the mid-2000s.

Horizon Worlds shunned… by its own creators?

At the start of the year, Meta’s VR platform surpassed the 300,000 user mark, with more than 10,000 “worlds” already created, and for Facebook’s parent company, Horizon Worlds is the future of a metaverse that should reach millions of users in the next few years. However, it would seem that the reality is less radiant than Mark Zuckerberg’s vision, including even among the employees of the Meta company…

Indeed, if Mark Zuckerberg promised that Horizon Worlds would soon be updated, including a serious graphic overhaul, at present, the metaverse would be mostly riddled with bugs and far from meeting the expected quality standards. So much so that even within the Meta company, we would come to urge employees to use Horizon Worlds…

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Thus, in a letter addressed to employees of Meta, Vishal Shah (in charge of the metaverse for Meta) indicated: “For many of us, we don’t spend much time in Horizon Worlds. Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds. You can’t do that without using it. Go for it. Organize times to do this with your colleagues or friends, in the internal builds but also in the public build so that you can interact with our community.

According The Vergethe situation would be so catastrophic that a new mode of management would currently be implemented at Meta, aiming to empower managers, in particular by forcing the developers of Horizon Worlds to actively use their creation.

It’s hard not to see here a real malaise on Meta’s side regarding the development of the in-house metaverse, with a work environment that seems particularly toxic… If the Facebook metaverse is not appreciated by its own creators, it’s hard to expect the latter to be adopted (and loved) by users.

It remains to be seen now what Meta’s statements will be regarding the virtual world currently being created, on the occasion of Meta Connect to be held tomorrow. Recall that according to Bloombergthe fortune of Mark Zuckerberg would be in free fall, in particular because of his personal investment in the development of the in-house metaverse, the founder of Facebook still and always perceiving this parallel virtual world as our future for all, even if it means visibly losing its money and the trust of its employees…

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