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With the cost of living which has been rising for months, you have to know how to optimize all expenditure items. Sometimes and in a few minutes, you can save a few hundred euros on certain expenses. This is the case for example on the mobile plan: almost all French people pay too much for their subscription.

The reason is simple: they tend to choose oversized mobile plans that do not correspond to their real use. In general, we tend to choose a package with a volume of data that is far too high, even if it means paying more. In the end, this management has a significant cost. Faced with this observation, a single (and unique) operator has the solution in France: the MVNO Prixtel.

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Concretely, Prixtel is a follower on “pay what you actually use” and it is completely transparent. Its pricing policy puts all operators knocked out at the moment: none can compete (and we will compare it below). In detail, its default mobile plan starts at 6.99 euros for 20 GB and there is no long-term commitment.

Where this package is smart is that it adapts to your use. For example, you can go to 30 or 40 GB per month without being financially bludgeoned. These two levels are respectively at 9.99 euros and 11.99 euros monthly. Depending on your use, you can therefore oscillate between these three levels (20, 30 or 40 GB) for a price that always remains contained. At any time, you can follow your consumption.

This mobile plan also comes with all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. As for the network used, it is that of SFR: 4G or 4G+ depending on the coverage. Note that it will not be possible to have access to 5G coverage with this formula. That said, the price and volume of 20 GB would not make it relevant to use this ultra-fast network – which is also being deployed in France.


The formula that adapts to your use © Prixtel

As you can see from the visual above, the mobile plan therefore adapts to your use. The current rate, which is available for any subscription before Tuesday, allows you to save 3 euros per month on each of the levels during the first year. Beyond this period, the price will return to the standard level. Prixtel will always be among the best value for money on the market.

A mobile plan that can go up to 160 GB

The package that we detailed above is called Le petit. This is perfect for a standard user, who uses his mobile internet connection to access his emails, social networks and watch some video content.

Be careful, if you have a more extreme use of video, connection sharing or social networks, you will have to migrate to a more substantial formula. Prixtel has two in stock: Le Grand and Le Géant. The principle of levels is always the same except that the levels are higher (and therefore also more expensive). The value for money is still very interesting, and you even have the option of taking advantage of 5G as an option.

The big one is a mobile plan that is placed in the middle with an envelope between 50 and 90 GB per month. If you always stay under 50 GB, it will cost you no more than 8.99 euros per month. In other words, if you add 2 euros per month compared to the Le petit package, you have more than double the data. The levels of 70 and 90 GB are respectively at 11.99 euros and 14.99 euros per month, for one year.

The latest subscription in the range is The Giant. It is the beefiest of all: 100 GB for 10.99 euros per month, 130 GB for 13.99 euros or 160 GB for 16.99 euros per month. These rates are ultra competitive but they do not include 5G. It will be necessary to add 5 euros more per month to access this network: it is up to you to see if it is useful (and if you are eligible) but it is not compulsory in the short term.

See the Prixtel offers

A very affordable range

In 2022, operators have significantly increased their prices. Between the cost of energy or the costs related to the deployment of the 5G network, they have been forced to impact this on the price of consumer subscriptions. This is how we see the 100 GB mobile plan from RED by SFR fluctuating between 15 and 17 euros per month (the same at B&You). If you have followed everything, that of Prixtel is only 10.99 euros for the same envelope.

You don’t know how to change operator and keep the same number? There is only one thing to do: call 3179 to obtain your RIO code and start the procedure. This code is unique and is associated with your telephone number. You enter it on the Prixtel site when subscribing and it does two things: its transfer from your current operator to it, and the termination of your current mobile subscription.

In a few minutes, you will therefore be able to switch from one to the other, without any difficulty. Within a few days, the MVNO Prixtel will send you your new SIM card to get started with it and its mobile plan.

To see its offers, it’s here:

See the Prixtel offers

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