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ONLYOFFICE Docs has it all. This online office suite is secure and complete. What could be better ? For a more comfortable user experience, ONLYOFFICE Docs has improved its interface and added some very practical new features. While teleworking is a habit for many employees, it is in your interest to be well equipped.

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ONLYOFFICE: secure, collaborative and complete

If three years ago, telework was quite exceptional, the pandemic has forced us to review our work habits. Today, many companies have kept the telework reflex, at least occasionally. ONLYOFFICE Docs is a good alternative if you don’t want to use the Office suite or Google tools for your various jobs. This open source office suite is intuitive, collaborative and secure.

With ONLYOFFICE Docs you can view, edit or co-edit text documents, spreadsheets or slides. You can also create forms to fill out and fill them out directly online or save them in PDF format, or even import and read PDFs. In short, ONLYOFFICE Docs is a tool you can rely on for your basic office tasks.

To work in a team, this software is a nugget. It was designed to facilitate collaboration. This means that you can share your documents with different access rights, leave comments and mentions or even communicate directly from the integrated chat. In addition, ONLYOFFICE Docs has offered itself some new features, such as the possibility of seeing the modifications of others in real time when you are in “read-only” mode.

New version 7.2

Regarding the other new features of version v7.2 of ONLYOFFICE Docs, there is a brand new plugin manager. This allows you to explore all these available add-ons, install and remove them with a single click from online editors.

Only Office

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There has also been a lot of work to add a new font engine. The goal is to support ligatures and many new scripts, such as Bengali and Sinhalese. Ligatures give you a smoother reading experience.
For creating your forms easier and faster, ONLYOFFICE Docs allows you to insert fields for email addresses and phone numbers as well as compose the custom fields you need thanks to Complex Fields. In text fields, you can now allow certain characters and limit the entry of a certain category of characters: numbers, letters, arbitrary mask (for telephone numbers) and regular expression (for example, for emails).

Only Office Form

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Additionally, you now find the “Cut” and “Select All” buttons on the Home tab. There are now separate buttons for sharing documents and the list of co-authors.
For the comfort of your eyes, ONLYOFFICE Docs has another variant of its dark mode. If you work in a dark environment, your work on such documents is improved. You can choose between light, dark, dark contrast themes or set the theme to your system.

Dark Only Office

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To provide your whole document or presentation with statistics or reports, version 7.2 brings the insertion of spreadsheets as OLE objects. This allows you to edit table data with saved formulas directly from your document.

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If you are a fan of the “Search and Replace” function, which is oh so practical, it has been updated. Indeed, the left panel of the software now allows you to set detailed search options and navigate between results. There’s even a “Whole words only” option.

The spreadsheet is enriched with new useful functions. Now users can generate the links to the specified cell range to enable their colleagues to quickly find the necessary data even in large workbooks. Apart from that, the change of rows and columns and the calendar since 1904 are also available.

Note that for enhanced security, ONLYOFFICE Docs uses three levels of encryption. This software is also available on all browsers and operating systems. You have the choice to use ONLYOFFICE Docs in its native productivity platform ONLYOFFICE Workspace or integrate it into your platform like Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, Jalios, Chamilo, Moodle, Drupal and others. Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS are free with the same interface as the online version. As you will have understood, ONLYOFFICE is the most complete and secure online office suite of the moment. With its updates, it has even more reason to make you crack.

Discover ONLYOFFICE Docs

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