Renault charging stations unveiled, up to 400 kW


Renault’s electric charging stations are soon ready and the first are arriving in the south of France. Mobilize, the subsidiary of the French group specializing in new mobility, has just announced its plan which will lead to the creation of a network of ultra-fast terminals in France and in several European countries. The end of the deployment is scheduled for mid-2024.

Renault joins Volkswagen, which has also just launched its plan for personal charging stations, like Tesla with its Superchargers. Like Volkswagen, Renault wants to set up its terminals directly in its concessions, to rely on its existing distributors and also bring traffic to them. Mobilize says the stations will be able to reach 400 kW, a level of power that cannot be found elsewhere at the moment.

This new source of income is a way for Renault to review the configuration of its dealerships to adapt them. Lounges, games for children, and vending machines for drinks and snacks will be available for drivers and passengers who will come to the site and stay there for a good 30 minutes depending on the level of charge they wish to recover.

But much more than just additional income, this charging network adds to the new Mobilize identity, Renault’s new brand which could one day surpass the Diamond. Stock market prospects, car sharing, mobility in all its forms… the new brand now adds the dimension of car charging.

“Mobilize is one of the major projects of our Renaulution. A new generation automotive company, with a decisive reversal of approach: we are now moving from services to products, from digital to objects and no longer the reverse! The transition to electric vehicles is accelerating change. Mobilize’s mission is to be the hub of Renault Group towards new mobility and a way to engage in value-creating activities”said Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group.

Charging stations without disrupting the power grid

The first service stations for Renault electric cars will be located in the south of France and near the motorways. What to address to all vacationers, at a time when departures on vacation, with the number of new electric cars on the roads, has dismissed the terminals of Tesla or even Ionity, on motorway service areas.

To deliver as much power to each terminal, Renault has found a solution. It will take the form of a battery, the size of a container. Thanks to it, the infrastructure will not need to draw heavily on the network during peak hours. Renault will recharge its main device battery during off-peak hours and use this capacity to charge cars during the day.

This will allow us to load these containers very slowly, without disturbing the electrical network, and it is these batteries which will be discharged much more violently in the cars. We will not see this extremely impacting peak on the electricity network at all”said Nicolas Schottey, the managing director of Mobilize Power Solutions.

The rest of the European deployment should focus on Belgium, Spain and Italy.

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