these 5 problems are driving gamers over the edge


There have been numerous studies on the subject, yet no research has been able to establish a formal link between the practice of video games and increased violence. In research conducted by the City University of London, it was only found that children were more likely to destroy objects after playing violent video games. Despite everything, this fallacious argument is often used by critics of video games who do not advance any concrete proof.

Of course, gaming can push us to the limit. Right in the middle of summer, time2play commissioned a very interesting survey on the subject. To see more clearly, 1046 Americans who say they play at least 4 hours a week were questioned.

Which video games annoy gamers the most?

It shows in particular that 23.2% of Xbox owners say they have broken an object following a fit of anger. This figure is 21.6% for PlayStation users, 14.8% for Switch, and 19.4% on PC.

Among those who destroyed equipment, 73.2% attacked their controller, keyboard or mouse, 15.8% said they punched a wall, 6.6% destroyed their screen, and 5.5% martyred their smartphones.

We can also establish a top 5 of the problems that annoy gamers the most: 1) Losing too often on the same level (60.7%), 2) When other players cheat (43.6%), 3) When games are buggy (43.1%); 4) When a troll deliberately ruins a multiplayer game (39.6%), 5) When players deliberately stay in one place during a multiplayer game without participating (22%).

Finally, the time2play survey offers us a list of franchises that irritate players the most, here is the top 5: 1) call of duty (23.5%), 2) Mario Kart (22%), 3) Minecraft (21.2%), 4) League of Legends (20.1%), 5) Super Smash Bros Ultimate (19.7%), 6) GTA (19.4%).

In its study released last November, the City University of London noted that “ These results suggest that violent video games can agitate children, but that agitation does not translate into violence against other people – which is the type of violence that concerns us most. »

She added: ” A likely explanation for the results is that video game play tends to take place at home, where there are fewer opportunities to indulge in violence. This “neutralisation” effect is especially important for violence-prone boys, who may be particularly drawn to violent video games. »

For your part, are you often angry during your gaming sessions, and if so, for what reasons? Tell us in the comments.

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