Why this Apple product is now banned on some planes


Apple created AirTags to help you find your lost items or luggage. However, if you plan to travel with the airline Lufthansa, you will not be able to use these object trackers to find your suitcases more easily.

Indeed, it is the first to ban the use of AirTags and other object tracers in its planes. The rumor circulated on the web, before being confirmed by Lufthansa.

The first airline to ban AirTags

Responding to a user on Twitter, the airline says activated AirTags in baggage are prohibited. Why ? These would be objects classified as dangerous.

In order to justify this decision, the German company mentions the classification of dangerous products by the International Civil Aviation Organization as well as the function of issuing AirTags. These emit a Bluetooth signal to allow the owner to find his objects.

“Baggage trackers belong to the category of portable electronic devices and are therefore subject to the Dangerous Goods Regulations published by the International Civil Aviation Organization for carriage on aircraft”we also read in a press release relayed by RTBF. “Therefore, due to their transmission function, trackers should be turned off during flight, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets.”

But these explanations are far from convincing everyone, knowing that in the world, airlines are emerging from a complicated period. The resumption of air transport following the COVID-19 crisis has been chaotic and many travelers have complained of canceled flights, extremely long queues, but also lost luggage.

Some travelers, using AirTags, have managed to locate their luggage. Our colleagues from iPhone.fr, for example, relayed the story of an Australian YouTuber whose cycling equipment worth $4,500 was lost by airport staff. But thanks to the AirTag, he was able to find his luggage.

These beacons are however authorized in the USA

And if you’re wondering if other airlines might follow suit, we have a few leads.

In the United States, for example, the TSA or the Transportation Security Administration has already ruled in favor of object trackers. Responding to a question from an internet user, she confirmed that these accessories are authorized for both hand luggage and hold luggage.

This was also recalled by a user at Lufthansa. “TSA is now officially violating ICAO guidelines?”he asked the airline.

Otherwise, it should be remembered that AirTags are not the only tags of this type available on the market. Among the competitors there are object locators from the company Tile, as well as those from Samsung.

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