Why WhatsApp will double the maximum group limit again


WhatsApp is testing a new change to the maximum limit on the number of participants in groups. Shortly before the summer, the app had already raised the maximum group limit from 256 to 512. At the time, observers believed that WhatsApp, owned by Meta, was seeking to push companies to communicate better with their clients.

But in moving only a few weeks later to a new limit of 1,024 people, WhatsApp seems to be taking a different route. Indeed, Meta has several times in the past copied characteristics of competing applications to better establish its market share. However, one of the applications that most directly competes with WhatApp is Telegram.

WhatsApp tests groups limited to 1024 people

In this application, there are also groups, but these are much larger, since the limit is 200,000 participants. By allowing groups to grow, WhatsApp subtly changes their nature. The groups become real vectors of influence.

But as we can see, for the moment WhatsApp is still far from the limits of Telegram. However, it is possible that Meta seeks to move forward with caution. If the firm says nothing, officially, of its long-term strategy, a source quoted by Android Police affirms that WhatsApp is preparing, among other things, tools for companies and influencers to facilitate the management of these enlarged groups.

It is therefore possible that the group limit will be further raised in the coming weeks with the arrival of these new tools. Groups of 1024 people are slowly starting to appear in WhatsApp. If you wish to create one, note that you must for now join WhatsApp beta, and wait for the functionality to be activated on the server side on your account.

If you qualify for the new limit, you will effectively see that you can create WhatsApp groups of over 1000 people. Beyond that, we hope that this beta phase will not lead, at least initially, to scams. We imagine that some hackers and other malicious actors will take advantage of the possibility of spreading infected links to more WhatsApp members at a time.

However, these risks already existed before this new limit. You just have to be careful, not to click on links in this type of group conversation, and to be wary of the “advice” that certain larger groups can deliver on certain subjects, in particular cybersecurity, finance and crypto.

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