By deflecting an asteroid, NASA wants to ensure the survival of Humanity


At the end of September, the American space agency launched a ship against an asteroid in an attempt to deflect its trajectory. Almost two weeks after the mission, the result fell on Tuesday evening: NASA confirmed that the Dart mission had succeeded in moving the asteroid Dimorphos by reducing its orbit by 32 minutes. It was the head of the space agency himself, Bill Nelson, who announced it during a press conference.

This mission marks a major step forward in the protection of the Earth against extraterrestrial bodies. Apart from the meteorite impact that occurred 65 million years ago (which ended the reign of the dinosaurs), the planet has not known any meteorites that could call into question its existence, nor that of Humanity.

Researchers want to be cautious and try to find solutions to a disaster scenario. In the press conference, however, NASA wanted to reassure the general public by explaining that the Dart mission was a test, and that no asteroid threatened the blue planet today.

Smaller than a car, the spacecraft sent by NASA sped at a speed of more than 20,000 km/h on its target, which was reached at the scheduled time. Already satisfied with this performance, the space agency team had celebrated the event as it should be in Maryland.

Located 11 million kilometers from Earth, this asteroid is the satellite of a larger asteroid named Didymos. This one was not targeted. In the images broadcast live by the ship, we could see the journey until the collision with the celestial body.


Mission Dart©NASA

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