should we fall for the (real) new iPhone?


In the new iPhone 14 lineup, the iPhone 14 Plus is the only truly “new” model. While the other three are part of a certain continuity, this one replaces the catalog of the iPhone in mini format.

It is therefore the first “classic” iPhone (in years) large in size, this feature being reserved for Pro Max models in recent years. But then what is this iPhone 14 Plus worth? Should we fall for this model rather than another? Answer after a few days of testing.

iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,169

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Yes, for its giant format

Technically, the iPhone 14 Plus is nothing but a bigger iPhone 14. It therefore has the same components (chip, camera, Face ID), the same materials, the same colors, the same technology, etc. We will therefore not dwell on all the technical aspects of this model and invite you to consult our test of the iPhone 14.

the iPhone 14 Plus is therefore a larger model. And like all great smartphones, this particularity brings its share of advantages. Starting with reading comfort.

With its 6.7” screen, the iPhone 14 Plus is a model cut out for multimedia. Fans of movies and series, Youtube videos or games will appreciate. But not only. A larger screen also means a set of more visible elements on the different applications, more comfort for typing on the keyboard, more comfortable reading.

So if reading comfort takes precedence over clutter for you (we’ll come back to this later), then the iPhone 14 Plus is a model made for you. It is the first “simple” iPhone (for a few years now) displaying such a screen diagonal, which makes it, in fact, unique in its kind.

Yes, for its monstrous autonomy

iphone 14 plus review price

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If there is one reason to fall for the iPhone 14 Plus (apart from its size of course), it is its autonomy. Apple promised that it would be the most enduring iPhone, all ranges combined, it is indeed the case.

With a versatile autonomy of 27:35 recorded in our tests at the 01Lab lab, the iPhone 14 Plus even dethrones the market reference by a hair, I named the iPhone 14 Pro Max (27:21).

On a daily basis, you will therefore not have to charge your iPhone every day, even if you are one of the most connected users. For general-purpose use, on average we charged the iPhone every 1.5 days or even 2 days.

In the meantime, the tests of the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (which historically have never really shone in this area), the iPhone 14 Plus is therefore indeed the most enduring smartphone on the market, by far.

We would have liked to say the same about its charging system. But like other iPhones, Apple continues to be stingy by not providing a charger and offering extremely slow charging speeds compared to what the competition offers. Shame.

Yes, because it is really new

Of the four iPhone 14s released this year, the iPhone 14 Plus is the only one that really brings a breath of fresh air. This status, it owes only to its giant format.

In previous years, consumers were forced to switch to a Pro Max model to use a large iPhone. For the standard and more affordable models, they only had the choice of a “simple” iPhone or an iPhone in mini format.

Obviously, the compact smartphone does not convince. With the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple therefore offers for the first time a “standard” iPhone with a giant format, with the advantages that this represents (comfort in multimedia, monstrous autonomy, etc.).

The other models are part of a continuity. The iPhone 14 is the heir of the 13, the 14 Pro and its Max version are the heirs of the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Basic, simple.

No, for its price

iphone 14 plus vs 14 autonomy

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Like all new iPhones (and even some old ones), the iPhone 14 Plus has an extremely high selling price. In its basic version, with 128 GB of storage, it is marketed at 1,169 euros. The 256 GB model is sold for 1,299 euros, and the 512 GB version for 1,559 euros.

Why such prices ? Because Apple has decided to pass on inflation and changes in the euro/dollar rate to the price of its new iPhones. The latest iPhone SE also saw its price increase in France several months after its marketing, a first.

This pricing policy does not suit French consumers, who must therefore pay a high price, while prices in the United States have not changed compared to last year. For the iPhone 14 Plus case, this is the correct operation for Apple. Because this is the first time that a standard model has been available in a larger version, the manufacturer having preferred to bet on a mini format in recent years.

In summary, if you want an iPhone 14 Plus, you have to get your hands on the wallet or turn to an Android smartphone of the same size. For Apple fans, a refurbished or used iPhone 13 Pro Max can also be a good alternative.

No, if its large size does not interest you

iphone 14 plus vs 14 price

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As the name suggests, the iPhone 14 Plus is big. Very large. Also, it will not appeal to all audiences. Even if it remains extremely light in terms of its size and the materials that compose it, it has all the disadvantages of giant smartphones.

Don’t expect to use it one-handed, unless nature has spoiled you and you are also capable of contortion. Also expect that it will not fit in all your pockets, that it will take up a lot of space in your purse or your satchel, in short that it will clutter you up.

If giant smartphones aren’t your thing, move on, the iPhone 14 Plus is a big one among the big ones.

iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,169

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Our opinion on the iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 Plus is the most intriguing model of this new generation. For the first time in years, Apple is offering a standard iPhone in giant format. Bye bye then the iPhone mini which has obviously not found its audience.

Technically, the iPhone 14 Plus can’t be faulted much, just like the iPhone 14 we tested earlier. But if the latter was of little interest compared to the iPhone 13, still in the catalog, the iPhone 14 Plus is unique in its size.

Therefore, it is difficult not to recommend it to lovers of giant smartphones. Indeed, until now, consumers had to turn exclusively to an iPhone Pro Max if they wanted to enjoy a large model. This is no longer the case today.

So yes, the iPhone 14 Plus is expensive, just like the rest of the line. The purchase decision will therefore depend on several criteria. If you don’t like tall models, we won’t draw you.

If you have an iPhone 11 or earlier and are tempted to experience a larger model, then the iPhone 14 Plus is highly recommended (rather than the 14 Pro Max, which is really intended for professionals). If you have a newer model and feel cramped then why not. But we still recommend waiting for the iPhone 15, which will also most certainly be offered in a Plus version.

iPhone 14 Plus


iphone 14 plus review

Performance and interface


Autonomy and charging


Value for money


WE love

  • Unique format for a standard iPhone
  • Very nice screen
  • Excellent performance
  • The toughest on the market
  • Very good in photography

We love less

  • No charger provided
  • Very slow charging
  • No telephoto lens
  • Very high price

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