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Amazon had promised us that it would make a great Prime Day: it’s done. Since yesterday morning, the American merchant has been flooding the web with thousands of discounts on the biggest brands of the moment. These offers, which are reserved for Prime customers, have something to dream about. If necessary, you can test the Prime subscription for 30 days to have access to it.

Discover Amazon offers

Below, we’ve listed the deals not to be missed for this last day of Prime Day. The offers are updated on a regular basis to show you the prices and stocks available on the most popular references. Amazon sometimes releases additional flash sales, we add them to this selection over time.

Prime Day on Amazon is mostly made up of deals that last for 48 hours (i.e. 2 days). They started on Tuesday October 11 and end this Wednesday evening at 11:59 p.m. You have to hurry so as not to miss the latest deals. We don’t teach you anything, there have already been many breakups since yesterday.

The next few hours will be decisive for all Amazon Prime Day bestsellers. Bose, Sony, Garmin, Microsoft or even Philips are close to out of stock on their most popular products. However, we can hope for a few more flash sales to spice it up. Since yesterday, Amazon has been posting a special flash sale every two hours.

How to optimize your purchases during Prime Day?

Before going into the details of the Prime Day strategy on Amazon, we must first go back to the origin of this operation. It was first launched in 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the merchant platform. Since then, every year, the site provides a flash sale of this type only for its Prime members.

The base of Prime members has grown over the years: they are more than 200 million today. The French market is very strategic for the American merchant, which is positioned as the leading e-merchant in France. For Prime Day, it is therefore a show of force with discounts on popular products.

Today, Prime Day has a bigger stake than Black Friday on Amazon. The merchant generates more turnover there thanks to even more aggressive discounts. It must be said that the month of October is generally quite calm for e-commerce, so real arguments are needed to support consumption on the part of all loyal customers.

Discover Amazon offers

To win over so many customers, Amazon was forced to expand Prime Day deals as much as possible. High-tech is still a central category of its offer, but there are many other themes alongside it. Whatever your profile and whatever your interests, you can find discounts that appeal to you on this Wednesday and the last day of Prime Day.

On high-tech, Amazon is not joking and it displays XL reductions on the biggest brands in the world. Above all, it concerns the products that were released last. You can therefore take advantage of excellent high-end devices, sometimes with discounts of up to -50%. On smaller brands, the discounts can sometimes oscillate up to -80%

What does the Prime subscription contain?

If you’ve ever been to the Amazon site for this Prime Day, you’ve probably seen the deals are for Prime customers only. If you are not, you will not be able to save money. This operation is therefore different from Black Friday, which is open to everyone. During the rest of the year, Amazon occasionally releases deals that are only available to Prime members.

Being a Prime member therefore already means having access to exclusive operations such as Prime Day. But Amazon does not stop there: it also provides free delivery within 24 hours to all those who have taken out this subscription at 69.99 euros per year. This amount can be quickly made profitable if you buy regularly on the site. Note, however, that for some products, delivery times are extended due to high demand.

On these two advantages, you can already tell yourself that you have reimbursed your subscription. But Amazon goes even further than Prime Day and free shipping. It also includes in this formula access to Prime Video which is a video streaming service that competes with Netflix. For example, it broadcasts the latest adventures of Orelsan or the series LOL qui rit qui rit fate.

Other services made available free of charge for this subscription include Prime Gaming and Prime Music. The latter is a light version of Deezer with 2 million titles. If you only listen to music occasionally, that will also be more than enough. And again, it’s free. If you need to realize all this, you might as well take advantage of the 30-day trial during this Amazon Prime Day.

This Wednesday evening, all offers end. Amazon is intransigent on this point: there will therefore be no discount after midnight. It will then be necessary to wait for Black Friday at the end of November to see new offers. There is a risk that they will be less good, although they may be more numerous.

To see the latest Prime Day deals, it’s here:

Discover Amazon offers

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