After a record rise, the price of charging drops at Tesla


Tesla’s superchargers have been able to be used by other vehicles for a few months now. But the arrival of a third-party clientele has not made it possible to counter the rise in energy prices. In mid-September, Elon Musk’s firm therefore increased the price of charging.

Originally set at 35 euro cents per kWh, the price has risen to €0.67 in recent days. A sudden increase that has led to the revolt of many customers at Tesla. In order to ease tensions, the brand has just made an announcement.

A drop during the day, off-peak hours come at night

The American manufacturer explains in a press release that the price of kWh in France has been revised downwards. The new tariff is therefore 0.61 euro per kWh. This saves some money on a full charge. In addition to this price reduction, Tesla has just introduced “off-peak hours” on its superchargers.

Requested for years, the arrival of this feature will save a few euros. In the case of a 75kWh Tesla Model 3, the savings could be more than €5 in off-peak hours compared to the daytime rate.

In detail, Tesla plans to lower the price of kWh to 54 euro cents between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. This drop in the price could encourage users wanting to make long journeys (which entails several refills) to drive at night to save some money.

Off-peak hours are already offered by several energy seller groups. This system encourages the general public to use energy-hungry appliances at times when demand is very low. With a lot of electricity in storage at night, prices fall according to the law of supply and demand and consumers can do well.

For sellers, the implementation of off-peak hours makes it possible to regulate electricity use throughout the day. In this time of crisis, this makes it possible to limit the risk of power cuts.

Tesla tries to get its head above water

In difficulty in France in recent months, Tesla is trying to revive itself on the territory. Overtaken by the manufacturers Renault and Peugeot, Tesla only points to 29th place among the best-selling electric cars in France in 2022 with the Model 3.

An emerging disenchantment between the manufacturer and French customers which is explained by price increases. Over the last year the Model 3 has gone from 40,000 to more than 50,000€. At this price, the car no longer benefits from the state’s ecological bonus of €5,000.

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