Apple Music comes to shake up Spotify on Xbox


It’s been a few years since the streaming music platform Spotify found its place on our Xbox consoles. Accessible directly from the Xbox Live market, the Spotify application allows you to listen to music via your console, with the possibility of taking advantage of the very practical Spotify Connect interface. For a few hours, the Scandinavian group has had to deal with the arrival of a renowned rival: Apple Music.

Apple Music comes to Xbox consoles

Indeed, without warning, the Microsoft Store now hosts the Apple Music application, which is available for the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles, but also for the Xbox One generation. Like Spotify, Apple Music on Xbox allows you to listen to your favorite music, including while playing, all without any advertising, provided of course that you subscribe to the service.

The interface is particularly neat (and is intended to be similar to that offered on the Apple TV), with a navigation system via tabs located on the upper part of the screen, without forgetting of course the possibility of finding all of their playlists, podcasts, clips and other favorite songs. The Apple Music application can be downloaded for free from the Xbox console store, just like Spotify, Amazon Music or even Deezer, also available on the Microsoft console.

On the side of Apple Music, we recently reignited hostilities with the competition, announcing that we had passed the bar of 100 million songs hosted, i.e. “more tracks than you can listen to in a lifetime” specifies the Cupertino group. In order to stand out against Spotify, Apple also wanted to point out that the playlists on its platform were developed by editorial teams, not algorithms.

On the market, despite a meteoric rise since its launch in 2015, well helped by its integration with all the brand’s devices, Apple Music is currently number 2 in the market behind the ogre Spotify. Unlike the Scandinavian group, Apple has not communicated any number of subscribers to its platform for almost three years.

As for the PlayStation 5, the Sony console also allows you to enjoy both Spotify and Apple Music. Indeed, the music streaming platform signed Apple was launched on the Sony console a year ago, almost to the day.

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