bad news for the sublime electric “hyperbike”


A year ago almost to the day, the VanMoof brand formalized a brand new electric bike, which was dedicated to “replace scooters and cars by 2025“. An ultra-fast model to be classified in the category of hyperbikes, these bikes capable of running at a speed similar to that of a scooter or a moped, or even a car in an urban environment. However, it will be necessary to be much more patient than expected to be able to ride the first electric bike signed VanMoof…

The ultra-fast VanMoof V electric bike will be ultra late

Indeed, if the VanMoof V was initially planned for the end of this year 2022, the many interested parties (the brand already claims more than 10,000 pre-orders) will however have to be patient. In the current economic climate, “it is important to be realistic”explains Ties Carlier, CEO of VanMoof, before confirming that the VanMoof V electric bike will have a serious production delay.

Also, while large-scale production was to begin this fall, the firm is now planning deliveries scheduled for the end of 2023. The brand is questioning problems in the supply chain, which impose on the latter to drastically revise the launch window for his bike.

Recall that the side “hyperbike” of the VanMoof V results in the presence of two electric motors, associated with a 700 Wh battery (directly integrated into the tube and not removable), which allow it to reach 50 km/h, to which is added here the presence of a buttonTurboBoost“, to benefit from a temporary power surplus. In terms of functionality, there is also the Kick Lock for keyless locking, automatic gear change, not to mention the practical in-house anti-theft system.

Remember that in France, the VanMoof V will be forced to comply with the legislation in force. This new “hyperbike” from the Netherlands will not be able to travel on a cycle lane for example, and must also have a registration, like a “classic” scooter.

Still, those who were already dreaming of riding this VanMoof V at the end of 2022 will have to be patient, and hope that the bike will indeed be available next winter, as is now planned. . On the price side, the VanMoof V, dedicated to speed and long distance, is still and always offered at the price of 3498 euros, with a reservation requiring a deposit of 20 euros. To see now if this rate will be maintained until next year or not.

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