BMW now offers video games in its cars, like Tesla


For a few years now, digital interfaces have invaded our everyday cars. And if some models only offer a small capacitive touch screen, premium models often allow you to enjoy a digital display behind the steering wheel, but also a large screen as a central console. Also, many people quickly dream of being able to indulge their video game passion on board their vehicle. At Tesla, we can enjoy the first Sonic the Hedgehog on the imposing screen of American electric vehicles. But now BMW is in turn launching a video game offensive.

BMW partners with AirConsole to launch arcade games (in BMW vehicles)

Indeed, the German manufacturer recently formalized a partnership with Air Console, a Swiss company specializing in instant access to “casual“, on televisions, smartphones but also on-board vehicle entertainment systems. AirConsole technology thus makes it possible to instantly broadcast games over the air, directly to the vehicle’s screen, and to control them using smartphones.

The operation of AirConsole in a BMW vehicle is intended to be very simple. Indeed, players need a smartphone, which will act as a gamepad, and a vehicle equipped with a BMW Curved Display. The catalog signed AirConsole already has just over 180 games available. We’re not talking about AAA-style titles here, but games that are fun enough and easy to get into for a quick game or two, when you’re looking to kill a few minutes of free time.


The connection between the smartphone and the car can be made by simply scanning a QR code directly displayed on the screen. From then on, players will be able to instantly enjoy a recreational game, practical to pass the time when recharging electric or filling up at the local gas station.

On the AirConsole side, we are very proud to be the spearhead of video games on board BMW vehicles. AirConsole thus promises that its platform “will change the way people enjoy themselves in their cars“, and the firm is already announcing the launch of new games that are both solo and also playable in multiplayer.

However, it is important to note that not all owners of a BMW vehicle will have access to the AirConsole platform on board. Indeed, for now, this feature is reserved for the BMW 7 Series sedan, and future premium models to come.

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