Here are the 4 new features that will land on your iPhone


Apple launched the new version of its operating system, iOS 16, right after the presentation of the iPhone 14 series. But as usual, all the features presented earlier were not available on the first version.

The good news is that these late novelties are coming little by little. As reported by the MacRumours site, in a few weeks Apple will roll out the iOS 16.1 update. In addition to fixes, this update will also bring new features for compatible iPhones. Discover the 4 most important new features of iOS 16.1.

Live activities, finally

Like every new version of iOS, iOS 16 offers new features in the user interface. And among these are live activities. Your iPhone’s locked screen will not only allow you to see notifications, it will also allow you to see more detailed information without having to unlock or open an app.

Are you following a game? Live activities will be able to display real-time information on its progress. Are you expecting an order? You will be able to track the delivery without opening your smartphone. And if you buy an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, Live Activities integrates with Dynamic Island.

Apple Live Activities

© Apple

A new design for the battery percentage

The battery status indicator has been a hot topic on tech news sites recently. As a reminder, for some iPhones with a notch, the Cupertino company has revised the design of this indicator to indicate the percentage of the battery.

The problem is that the battery icon is always full, which doesn’t make sense. But on iOS 16.1, Apple fixed that and features a battery icon that empties as you use your iPhone.

You no longer need an Apple Watch to stay in shape

In recent years, Apple has launched a large number of services available on subscription. And among these there is Apple Fitness+, which accompanies the user to do physical exercises.

The problem is that currently, to use this Apple service, owning an Apple Watch is mandatory. But that will change on iOS 16.1, since it will be enough to have an iPhone to take advantage of Fitness+.

Your apps will be able to open faster

When you have just installed an application on your iPhone, the first start of it can be slow. Indeed, as it is the first launch, the application has not yet downloaded all the resources necessary for its proper functioning.

The solution found by Apple: launch the apps you have just downloaded in the background in order to prepare these resources. So when you start the application for the first time, they are already available and you won’t have to wait. This new feature will be available on iOS 16.1, but it will need to be activated in the settings.

Green charging is currently reserved for the United States

The new feature called “Clean Energy Charging” will also be there. As its name suggests, this novelty helps the user to charge his iPhone with clean energy.

How ? Apple will try to reduce the user’s carbon footprint by charging the iPhone when the power grid has a low emission. But the firm also specifies that the iPhone will learn the routines to reach full charge when necessary. Unfortunately, at the moment, this novelty is only offered in the United States.

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