The first flying electric car race has finally happened


When the media talk about flying cars or flying taxis, it is most often to refer to eVTOL (or electric vertical take-off and landing), an acronym that designates vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

While companies are working on projects related to eVTOL to revolutionize transport, others are already interested in racing. We can say that this new discipline was officially born in November 2021, when Airspeeder carried out a first test race using two eVTOL Alauda Aeronautics Mk3.

Alauda Aeronotics, which makes the flying cars, and Airpseeder, which organizes the races, are sister companies. And after the success of the test in 2021, they are taking a new step: carrying out the first official race.

The very first flying car race took place in Australia, on a 1 kilometer virtual air track. During it, Airspeeder pilot Zephatiali Walsh beat his competitor Fabio Tishcler.

“No concessions to the preservation of their vehicles have been made, as the born riders’ competitive instincts kicked in from the start of this historic first race, staged above the pink salt flats of Lake Lochiel near Adelaide, South Australia”can we read in the description of the video below, published by Airspeeder to announce the news.

On the other hand, at the moment, the pilots are not in the eVOTLs, but control the flying vehicles remotely. On the other hand, by using LiDAR and RADAR, these vehicles create a virtual force field that avoids collisions. As a result, we can have tight races, but which are completely secure.

More races are coming

The series of races that will be organized by Airspeeder will also be used to prepare for the next stage. Indeed, Airspeeder aims to offer a “Grand Prix” format from 2024. And on this one, there will be a crew in the eVOTL.

The company promises new track layouts, but also new places to organize the next races. Indeed, the advantage of these flying car races is that they can be organized on a wider choice of terrains.

“These races will take place in places where racing has never been seen before. Digital sky tracks and a lightweight approach to infrastructure mean races can take place in a range of locations and landscapes from sea to forest and desert”says Airspeeder about it.

Moreover, these races, according to Airspeeder, also serve as a stimulus for innovation in the eVOTL industry. In addition to flying taxis, this type of aircraft could also be used for deliveries, or in the medical field.

Below you also have a video of the highlights of this first race organized by Airspeeder.

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