Tom Cruise wants to walk outside the ISS, unheard of!


For several years now, we have been talking about the film project in space which will star Tom Cruise and will be shot on board the International Space Station (ISS). This feature film is scheduled for the year 2024, and it will be directed by filmmaker Doug Liman.

An extraordinary stunt for Tom Cruise

For some time, however, we remained without news, but things are indeed progressing on the side of Universal Studios. President Donna Langley has just granted an interview to the BBC and she made some promising statements about it.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to spectacular stunts, and he’s clearly not afraid of risk. But what is at issue here is beyond imagination. The Hollywood star could indeed become the first civilian to perform a spacewalk outside the ISS. However, the president speaks of hope, and nothing is certain yet.

If such a scene were shot, there is no doubt that the film would arouse curiosity and create the event. The ambition is in any case there, as the leader points out. She thus indicates that Tom Cruise and Doug Liman presented her with the pitch of the film during a call made on Zoom in the heart of the pandemic.

This feature film, which has no title yet, ” actually takes place on earth, then the character must go to space to save the day “, she specifies.

When Russia shoots a movie in space before the Americans

While waiting to move forward on this extraordinary project, Tom Cruise clearly does not have time to rest on his laurels. The actor will indeed be on the poster for the next Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning which will be released in France on July 12, 2023.

A first trailer for this new component has been unveiled, and it looks extremely promising. It must be said that the cast is very solid. Alongside Tom Cruise, alias Ethan Hunt, we will thus find Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby or even Henry Czerny. To view this first trailer, it’s here.

Note that Tom Cruise’s film will not be the first to be shot on board the International Space Station. The Americans were grilled by the Russians who, in 2021, shot a feature film called The Challenge (The challenge in French). Officials then clarified that the film crew was quite nervous, because ” everything can happen “.

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