you’re not going to like the price of the ultimate VR headset


Meta has just launched the Quest Pro, a particularly successful mixed reality headset. The firm speaks in particular of screens which deliver a resolution 4 times higher than that offered by the Quest 2 (the model used a screen of 1020 x 1832 px for each eye). But also new, more immersive experiences to collaborate at work.

Colorimetry and contrasts have been improved. The optical assembly is 40% thinner. The screens improve contrast by around 75% and extend the color gamut by 1.3 times. From what we understand with the terms “local dimming” and “quantum dot”, the screens of the Quest Pro are IPS panels with QLED technology rather than OLED screens.

Meta continues to bet on virtual reality “next generation of the internet”

The headset is able to capture the wearer’s facial expressions in real time. It is overall more ergonomic and comfortable. And Meta has integrated a series of innovations into it. A dozen integrated sensors follow the movements of the wearer. The device is built around a very powerful Snapdragon XR2+ chip combined with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

The new Touch Pro controllers are also much more advanced. They include three cameras and the Snapdragon 662 chip to improve the precision of tracking movements in space. Throughout the presentation, Meta kept drawing comparisons with Apple, which is also expected to release a virtual reality headset.

Mark Zuckerberg has been railing for several years against Apple, which has managed to falter its advertising model by introducing powerful privacy protection mechanisms. “With each new IT generation, we have always seen an open ecosystem and a closed ecosystem, Windows and Mac, Android and iOS… Closed ecosystems rely on total control and integration to create unique experiences and lock in customers”explains Mark Zuckerberg.

And to add: “our role as I see it is not simply to contribute to the construction of this open ecosystem. But also to ensure that this ecosystem emerges victorious due to this next generation of the Internet”. The Meta Quest Pro is available today for pre-order. But its price probably reserves it to a handful of users for the moment. The helmet is indeed offered against the trifle of € 1,799.99 in Europe – for an arrival scheduled for October 25.

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