Android smartphones can now replace the Navigo Pass


This summer, a major beta test phase was launched by Île-de-France Mobilités to (finally) integrate the Pass Navio into Android smartphones. The test having been conclusive, the organization has just announced that a simple update on Monday, October 17 would allow access to this functionality on a permanent basis.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to transfer an existing subscription. Another black point of this application, the tickets are only saved locally in the phone. Unable to access them from another device or find them if the phone is lost or stolen.

Finally, if the update mainly concerns Android devices, not everyone is invited to the party. In order to replace a Navigo Pass and open the gates of the Paris metro, smartphones must be equipped with an NFC chip.

From a software point of view, the phone must work with Android 8 at a minimum. Released in August 2017, the operating system is present on newer phones, but some models are still entitled to earlier versions.

A long-awaited update

In order to be sure that your phone is compatible, the Île-de-France Mobilités application offers an automatic check when launching the feature for the first time. If the smartphone does not meet the necessary conditions, an error message appears on the screen.

Once you arrive in front of the portico, the telephone does not need to be unlocked and all you have to do is place it on the reading terminal for the doors to open. According to the first tests already carried out this summer, an internet connection does not seem essential, but it is recommended to synchronize your tickets regularly.

Ile de France has been working for years on setting up such a service. In other big cities like London, passage through the subway gates has already been done with the telephone for years. At the tables of the major European capitals, Paris acted as an intruder.

In 2019, a first system was put in place, but it only concerned Samsung phones and Orange or Sosh subscribers. With this new update (already available on the Play Store), all recent Android phones are affected.

For the iPhone it will still be necessary to wait

The big absentees therefore remain the iPhone which, despite a very large market share in France (the iPhone 12 being the best-selling smartphone in 2021) Apple is not entitled to this novelty. The Ile de France transport organization has announced that a similar feature will arrive in the coming months. It should be available next year.

The idea for the city of Paris is to set up this system before 2024 and the Olympic Games. This event will bring together tourists from all over the world and not everyone will be able to queue at the RATP counters to get the famous transport card.

To download the IDF Mobilités application on the Play Store, you can follow this link.

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