Elon Musk now sells a perfume that smells like ‘burnt hair’


Elon Musk had already launched crazy products in the past at somewhat complicated times. Among the latter there was for example the Teslaquila (a Tesla Tequila) and… a flamethrower branded The Boring Company. But Tuesday, October 11, the entrepreneur surprised his followers by teasing the arrival of a perfume called “Burnt Hair” (burnt hair, a whole program…) in the catalog of The Boring Company – which is, we remind you , basically an excavation and tunneling business…

Elon Musk later changed his bio to better describe himself as a “perfume salesman.” So of course we will take the boss of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company at his word when the latter announces that this fragrance of burnt hair is the best in the world. The manager further explains: “with a name like mine, getting into perfumes was inevitable. I don’t even know why I resisted it for so long”.

Why Elon Musk “goes into perfumes” after the takeover of Twitter?

And in case you thought Elon Musk was just kidding, the fragrance does have its own mini-site, a link from The Boring Company homepage – and it’s possible to order it. Several jokes dot the page. In particular, we can read: “it’s like bending over a candle at a dinner party, but without all the hard work” or “stand out from the crowd! Get noticed as you walk through the airport”.

But probably the joke that made us laugh the most is the price of this perfume: no less than 100 dollars, which translates into 104.95 €. Yes, it’s a bit expensive the few milliliters “of repugnant desire essence” as the perfume is ironically described on the site. Small consolation, it is also possible to buy it with crypto, especially Dogecoin. According to the entrepreneur, some 5,000 bottles have already found takers.

Several Internet users have also posted the confirmation email after purchasing the perfume. We told you, in the history of Elon Musk’s companies, the launch of such products generally coincides with difficulties. This could be a way for the entrepreneur to generate some cash flow, although this does not seem to be the number one objective of the strategy. Ultimately, these wacky product launches get a lot of talk about Elon Musk and his companies.

This probably boosts the turnover of his companies much more than the profits made from the sale of the products themselves. While strengthening the brand image of Elon Musk. However, the difficulties should not be looked for very far. After trying to get out of the deal, Elon Musk finally decided to buy Twitter for $44 billion. The first deliveries of the perfume will take place during the first quarter of 2023.

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