George RR Martin knows how long the series should last


It was not won in advance, after the end of the series Game Of Thrones which disappointed many fans, however, House of the Dragon is a real box for HBO. Quite a rare fact, the series is very successful with the public, for example by collecting 9.5 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes and 4 stars on Allocinated. For their part, journalists also greatly appreciate this production, and you can also read our review here.

“The best is yet to come” for House of the Dragon

While season 1 of House of the Dragon is soon coming to an end, many wonder if the series will settle over time. On his personal blog, George RR Martin has rightly expressed himself on the subject. According to him, the adaptation of his novel should last 4 seasons of 10 episodes to highlight the whole story and “do him justice”.

This figure corresponds to the information revealed by media such as The Hollywood Reporteraccording to which HBO would count on three or four seasons to adapt this saga.

In his blog post, George RR Martin took the opportunity to address a recurring debate around the series: time jumps. Some spectators are indeed confused by the changes of actors and sometimes find it difficult to find their way around. The best-selling author would have liked more episodes to show whole swathes of the history of the books that have been set aside.

However, he believes that the format of ten episodes per season remains suitable. He also points out that in his childhood the series had 39 episodes per season, but that this would make viewers scream in 2022. According to him, if House of the Dragon spanned 13 episodes, many criticisms of the slowness would be thrown around.

As a reminder, George RR Martin speaks regularly on the series adapted from his universe. Just a few days ago, he literally sold the dream to fans by speaking: “The series started strong and only got stronger. Thank you to all of you who watch and participate in its popularity. And thank you also to our amazing cast and crew. »

He added: “ Westeros, like the real world, is full of complex characters capable of both good and evil. (…) I hope you enjoy House of the Dragon as much as I do…. the best is yet to come. And then on to season 2! “.

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