How to Use Microsoft Designer and Create Beautiful Visuals in 5 Minutes


Today, if you are bad at drawing and don’t know how to use professional tools like Photoshop, there are simpler applications, but which still allow you to create excellent visuals. Among the best-known software in this niche is Canva, which claims 100 million users worldwide.

And soon you will have a new alternative from Microsoft, which will allow you to generate quality visuals in no time. Called Designer, this tool has just been presented by the Redmond firm and it is positioned as a direct competitor to Canva.

Microsoft Designer, an AI-powered software

Whether creating a social media post, poster, invitation card, etc. Designer will be at your service. What differentiates Microsoft Designer from competing services is the extensive use of artificial intelligence by the Redmond firm.

Among the AIs used by Microsoft Designer, there is DALL-E 2 from OpenAI. This artificial intelligence has recently been talked about, because it allows you to generate any image by entering a description. This tool will be available on Designer, to allow you to generate the images that will be used on your visual, thanks to AI.

For example, you can type in “An astronaut, painting of ancient Rome”, and the AI ​​will produce exactly that (as in the example below).

Microsoft Designer

© Microsoft

But that’s not all. To get started, Microsoft suggests you start with the text. From this, its artificial intelligence can already generate for you a design corresponding to this text.

Then you can tweak everything using simple and intuitive editing tools. Microsoft also indicates that this new graphic creation tool includes more than 100 million images and videos, to help you create your visuals. Once you’re happy, you can then post to social media with the click of a button, or send the file to your smartphone.

How to use Microsoft Designer?

For now, if you want to use Microsoft Designer, you will need to join a waiting list:

  • Go to
  • Fill out the form to be on the waiting list
  • And you just have to wait (you will receive a confirmation email)

For the moment, it is a preview version on the web, and it is free. “We invite people to try it out, give us feedback and help us improve it. The current free preview does not include all planned upcoming features; we will add more over time,” Microsoft says.

Once the product is finalized, Microsoft will offer a free version, as well as a version with more paid features that will be integrated into its Microsoft 365 subscription.

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