Sony launches its new entry-level Vlog camera


After the ZV-1 in 2020, the ZV-E10 in 2021, make way for the ZV-1F in 2022. For this month of October, Sony is returning to the charge on vlogging cameras and offers a new model cheaper than its two brothers. The market is particularly competitive now that smartphones and ultra-portable cameras (GoPro, DJI, Insta360) have arrived and stand up to conventional cameras in terms of quality. Sony follows the same recipe as on the ZV-1 and ZV-E10 on its new ZV-1F, namely a light and compact camera, with shooting modes in line with the needs of young videographers on YouTube.

To reduce its price, by 800 euros (ZV-1) at 650 euros (ZV-1F), Sony has simplified the product and won’t leave its users with so many configuration choices. The main savings are at the lens level. Gone are the 24-70mm zoom of the ZV-1 or the interchangeable lenses of the ZV-E10. Make way for a more limited fixed focal length. Sony has decided not to leave the user free to choose its focal length and the camera is oriented towards the ultra wide-angle. The 20 mm module and ƒ/2.0 aperture necessarily further limits the use of the camera which can no longer give variety to its shots by changing focal length.

The new ZV-1F is not only the smallest brother in the range. Arriving two years after the ZV-1, the ZV-1F is also more up to date. We see it on the connection side for example. We regretted not finding USB-C on the old product, and now it’s coming to the new one. When it comes to the LCD touchscreen, internal 3-capsule mic, and ultra-fast and precise autofocus technology, the ZV-1F and the classic ZV-1 are a close match. Great news for autofocus. By filming in first person, you won’t have to worry about properly managing the focus on your eyes, which will happen automatically. Too bad not to find automatic tracking of objects as on the ZV-1 that said.

Finally, we find bokeh modewhich allows you to switch between an image with a clear background and one with a blurred background, without requiring any knowledge.

Sony ZV 1F photo vlog

© Sony

The pure and hard characteristics do not change either, except on the side of the photo where the user will always be limited to JPEG rendering (no RAW format available). The 4K at 30 frames per second is there, just like slow motion 120 frames per second in Full HD. Modes are also available to change the colorimetry and lights a bit when shooting. A kind of filter that reminds us that Sony also offers a mode with special treatment for skin tones and a “Soft Skin” mode to reduce wrinkles. To see in test if it will be discreet enough. Because with such a mode from the shooting, impossible to recover the shot in post-production. Slow motion x5 and time-lapse x60 are also available among the modes.

In the end, the camera is distinguished above all by its focal length. Otherwise, the ZV-1 looks a lot like it. And moreover, after two years of career, its price has fallen sharply on e-commerce platforms and according to our comparators, it is possible to find a Sony ZV-1 for less than 700 euros today (i.e. 100 euros of less than the price at launch). The budget difference will therefore not be very important when the ZV-1F is marketed at the end of October. After testing the ZV-1, we can say that the new ZV-1F may still experience as much difficulty with its autonomy and recharging. The ultra wide-angle may also be limited.

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