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It’s a shock figure that sends shivers down your spine. The number of insolvencies of French companies increased by 34.6% between the first quarter of 2021 and the first three months of 2022, according to data from the firm Altares. The Covid-19 has been there, and despite state aid, the pandemic has caused heavy damage.

In a context of inflation and a major energy crisis, business leaders must therefore more than ever have a solid plan to lead their company towards growth. This is the whole purpose of the free guide offered by Salesforce. We have read this document, and we can confirm that it gives very practical advice for all SME managers who want to take the road to success.

The ultimate guide to real teamwork

Salesforce is a true American success story. Launched in 1999 in a small apartment in San Francisco, it is now one of the largest technology companies in the world. What is the secret of this beautiful growth? The V2MOM (pronounced Vi-Tou-Mom). This acronym stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures.

From these five words come the most important questions to ask yourself when you want to develop your business. But that’s not all, you should also discuss the subject with your employees.

This is the main interest of this approach. Your employees’ responses are an integral part of the V2MOM process. Once these concepts are well integrated by the whole team, everyone will move forward with respect to these common objectives.

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Salesforce gives the secrets of a successful sale

Salesforce’s free guide walks you through winning customers. And in this regard, nothing beats a good sales pitch. To be sure that your pitch is effective, you have to go beyond the simple product to sell and ask yourself what the person in front of you is really looking for. It is all the more difficult since the needs of customers have changed a lot since the arrival of the pandemic.

It is therefore necessary first to carry out fairly solid research on your prospects. It is also necessary to address the right person within this company, and social networks such as LinkedIn often prove useful for this process.

It is also necessary to anticipate all the possible objections of the customer in order to turn them in your favor. Responsiveness is also a key element and you have to know how to improvise according to the situation, while being attentive. Finally, you must close by prompting the prospect to action. This can include making an appointment, or offering a trial period.

How CRM can help your SME boost its growth?

This is an element that is sometimes too underestimated by SMEs. CRM is a customer relationship management system. It brings together all your data in a single platform. You can thus have an overview of their information, their purchase history, exchanges by email or on social networks. It also lets you manage to-do items and track your business results.

It is estimated that for the management of their customer data, 44% of SMEs use their emails and 41% spreadsheets. This can work very well when launching a company, but we quickly find its limits.

By integrating a CRM into their operation, companies quickly see the difference. Thus, according to a survey, these companies see profits quite quickly with an increase of 29% in their sales and up to 41% in their turnover.

The popular adage “time is money” finds its full meaning here. This management tool therefore makes it possible to optimize sales processes. This time saving then gives your employees more time to find new prospects. And if you’re hesitating to take the plunge, the Salesforce guide has thought of everything. It offers a series of six indicators to see whether or not you need to invest in a CRM.

The inspiring example of a high-growth SME

If everything we have just seen seems a bit abstract, Salesforce presents a much more concrete case through the meteoric rise of Ultra Premium Direct. In six years, this SME has become a major player in premium food for dogs and cats.

It all started in 2014, Sophie and Matthieu Wincker decided to create their company with a clever concept: rather than launching yet another brand of animal feed distributed in supermarkets, Ultra Premium Direct chose to distinguish itself by opting for the model of direct-to-consumer or D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) sales. After a series of particularly clever strategic choices, she decided to adopt Salesforce’s CRM solution in 2020.

Good for him, because it gives a new dimension to this SME which manages to better personalize its offers and communicate more effectively with its customers, especially on social networks. In less than ten years, the combination of long-term planning and the use of appropriate tools has enabled the company to obtain tangible results.

We can therefore strongly advise you to read this free Salesforce guide. In a short format that reads very well, it gives welcome advice to entrepreneurs who want to act strategically and boost their growth.

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