What is Mobilize Duo, the “four-wheel scooter” that replaces Renault Twizy, worth?


At the very beginning of the 2010s, the French Renault launched the production version of Twizy, derived from a (very) astonishing concept car exhibited in 2009. An electric quadricycle with an explosive look, equipped with a 100% electric motor and a very compact size, Twizy being able to sneak in (almost) anywhere. On board, two seats in tandem, almost no comfort, and a battery offering a few hundred kilometers at most. A model produced in just over 20,000 copies, which did not experience the expected success, the fault (among other things) of marketing that was very timid on the part of Renault…

Mobilize Duo, the after Twizy arrives in 2023

This will not prevent the diamond brand from relaunching its famous electric quadricycle next year. No Renault Twizy 2 however, since it will be a new vehicle badged Mobilize, and responding to the name Duo. A Mobilize Duo whose look nevertheless leaves no doubt as to its affiliation with Twizy, since we find this very compact size, these doors with opening in elytron, without forgetting a central driving position, with the possibility of housing, still as uncomfortably, a passenger in the back.

For Renault and its Mobilize division, it is obviously a question of giving a second chance to this so atypical electric quadricycle, in a context much more favorable to electromobility than in 2010. Moreover, since Twizy, various competitors are trying to put a hand in this electric micro-mobility market. We think in particular of Citroën with its very small city car AMI.

Thus, to convince its audience, the Mobilize Duo will be able to count on a style that is still just as atypical, with a large part given to plastic materials to ensure the lightness of the vehicle. Plastics that have benefited from an anti-scratch treatment promises Renault. We will find this very compact size (2.4m x 1.3m) allowing the vehicle to slip almost anywhere.

On the power side, the Mobilize Duo will be available in two versions, with first of all a model whose speed will be limited to 45 km/h, allowing it to be accessible without a license, from the age of 14 years. Holders of a driving license will be able to opt for a more powerful model, allowing them to go up to 80 km/h. Autonomy should be around 140 km.

An interior that’s still just as refined, but (a little) more comfortable

On board, there is a very refined interior, now with a completely closed and sealed cabin (this was not always the case with Twizy), and increased comfort in the seats, as well as better safety. Facing the steering wheel, there is a small digital handset, next to which Renault has installed a smartphone holder, coupled with a USB-C port and a small speaker.

In terms of availability, Mobilize Duo will not be accessible before the end of 2023. Renault specifies that the vehicle will only be available via a subscription formula, from 3 months for individuals. It remains to be seen now if this revisited formula of the little Renault Twizy will finally manage to find its audience.

Let us recall in passing that Renault has recently formalized its very first electric charging network “home“, with terminals that will be installed in various centers of the brand. Ultimately, the diamond brand plans to install a total of 200 charging points in Europe, including 90 in France.

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