3 good reasons to watch The Watcher on Netflix


Decidedly, Ryan Murphy is very prolific at Netflix. After the success of the series Dahmerwhich is exploding the counters on the streaming platform, the American filmmaker is already back with the seven-episode mini-series The Watcher, broadcast since Thursday on the service. We particularly appreciated and “binge-watched” this production. Here are 3 good reasons to watch the series.

The Watcher: a gripping scenario based on a true story

Everything seems to be going well for the Brannock family who have got their hands on the house of their dreams. Dean and Nora will finally be able to offer a new life to their children and enjoy the tranquility of Weistfield, a small American town without history. They even gobble up all their savings to acquire this old house.

Unfortunately, behind the apparent tranquility of the place hides a much darker secret. The Brannocks indeed receive mysterious letters from a crow who calls himself “The Watcher”. He knows all their secrets, and even details that only an inhabitant of the house can know.

Their suspicions then turn to the neighborhood with rather unwelcoming and dubious characters. They then start their investigation to discover the identity of this threatening individual, and the tension mounts over the episodes.

Very surprisingly, the story of The Watcher is actually inspired by a real news item that occurred in the United States in 2014. The case has not been resolved, and the series remains very cautious in its conclusion. This is also one of the main criticisms that can be leveled at it.

Impeccable actors in The Watcher

This is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of the series. The Watcher features a five-star cast, and the actors have handled their characters very well. We think in particular of the couple in crisis embodied wonderfully by Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts.

How not to mention the neighborhood, and in the first place the excellent Mia Farrow who plays Pearl, and has found a new role to match her talent. This heritage enthusiast multiplies the squeaky moments and the alternation between softness and aggressive passiveness is enough to confuse the viewer.

Finally, we also appreciate Isabel Gravitt who plays Ellie, the Brannock’s daughter, but also Nora (Jennifer Coolidge). This distribution therefore hits the mark and allows this disturbing universe to take shape.

But by the way, why does the series speak to us so much? In an interview given to ETonline, Bobby Cannavale, gave an interesting answer: “ These are things that I think we can all relate to. You know, having this feeling of losing power and control. This feeling of letting go to keep your family safe is a frightening idea that I think has become familiar to us over the past few years. »

Formidably effective rhythm management

As often in the series of Ryan Murphy, the timing is on the small onions. The Watcher therefore no exception to this rule and without offering anything extremely original, this production remains very effective.

It is indeed a safe bet that you will devour this season where the traditional end-of-episode suspense is the norm. There are cliffhangers that are not always very fine but which necessarily make you want to continue.

A bit like the series Youalso on Netflix, this new adaptation offers some secondary stories that thicken the story a little and allow you to better identify with the protagonists.

The Waiter should appeal to fans of thriller series. We certainly do not reach the quality of realization of a Gone Girl by David Fincher, but the engaging plot should still convince viewers to binge-watch the series.

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