5 key figures on the Netflix of video games


While the prices of video games are increasing significantly (count 80 euros for a AAA game), Microsoft is a hit with Xbox Game Pass, its subscription video game service.

The principle of Game Pass is simple: each month, owners of Xbox consoles or PCs have access to a multitude of games for a subscription of ten euros. According to the latest figures announced, the Xbox Game Pass is a hit. Back in 5 figures on what some call the “Netflix of video games”.

2.9 billion

This is dollar revenue generated by Game Pass in 2021. If Microsoft has not officially communicated on the profitability of its service, the CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) of Brazil has taken care of it.

When considering Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard King, CADE estimated that Xbox Game Pass generated approximately 2.9 billion dollars in sales worldwide. Since then, the number of subscribers to the service has increased. We can therefore expect Microsoft to do even better in 2022.

25 millions

This is the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers in January 2022. Very discreet about this figure, Microsoft had to reveal it as part of the takeover of Activision Blizzard King (decidedly).

In fact, Microsoft mentions “more than 25 million subscribers”. According to some close sources, the Game Pass would have 30 million users by the end of 2022. And this figure could quickly explode.

Indeed, by buying Activision Blizzard King, Microsoft also gets its hands on nearly 400 million monthly active players. And if the company ensures for the moment not to make certain flagship licenses (Call of Duty in particular) exclusive, perhaps they will become so in the future. Wait and see.


This is the number of games available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for consoles. There is even a little more explains Microsoft on its official site. This figure is less important for Game Pass PC but is still very interesting.

Among the hundreds of games included in the catalog, those from Microsoft studios are available as soon as they are launched. This is the case for example of Halo or Forza Horizon. The most complete version of the Game Pass also gives access to a handful of games from the EA Play service, including Fifa or Madden NFL.

Microsoft regularly renews the catalog so that players do not get bored. Some great classics are therefore joining the Game Pass as well as some very nice surprises. In 2021 for example, It Takes Twovoted best game of the year, has been integrated into Game Pass.


This is the number of studios owned by Microsoft. All are working to expand the Game Pass. Among the historical purchases of Microsoft, there is that of Activision Blizzard King, which will have cost 68.7 billion dollars, a record.

Previously, Microsoft had already acquired another very big name in video games, I named Bethesda (Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout). Transaction amount : $8.1 billion almost the price of the purchase of MGM by Amazon. Less impressive than the gargantuan acquisition of Activision, that of Bethesda had also marked the spirits.

With its 23 studios, including industry monsters, Microsoft has become a video game titan.


This is the price of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Whether it’s the console or PC offer, the call price is exactly 9.99 euros per month. With this subscription, players have access to the complete catalog of Game Pass, i.e. more than a hundred console games. Games from Xbox Game Studios are available the day they are released. Finally, discounts reserved for members are offered throughout the year for games that are not part of the Game Pass.

Microsoft also offers an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan. For 13 euros per month, players have the same advantages as for the 10 euro formula. But they can access both console and PC games as well as complementary promotional offers.

Above all, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have access to Xbox Live Gold, which allows them to play multiplayer on the console. Finally, they have access to EA Play, a library of the best Electronic Arts titles on console and PC (Fifa, Madden, Star Wars etc.). This is the best offer, by far.

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