9 out of 10 teens use an iPhone in the US, that’s huge


Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in Europe, but it is far from reigning supreme. For example, according to data from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone market share in Europe in the second quarter of 2022 was 24%. During this period, Apple was behind Samsung (32%) and ahead of Xiaomi (19%).

In the United States, however, it’s a different story. In its domestic market, the apple brand dominates. And sometimes, more iPhones are sold in the country of Uncle Sam than Android smartphones (so all of its competitors).

For example, in the second quarter of 2022, Apple’s market share of smartphone shipments was 48%, compared to 30% for Samsung. And in the last quarter of 2021, corresponding to the holiday season, Apple’s share even exceeded 50%.

Apple, favorite brand of American teenagers?

If Apple dominates the smartphone market in the United States, it is partly thanks to teenagers. At least, that’s what we could conclude after the publication of the results of a survey by the investment bank Piper Sandler.

According to these results, 87% of American teenagers own an iPhone. 88% expect an iPhone to be their next phone. And 31% own an Apple Watch.

This study was relayed by our colleagues from MacRumours who explain that in ten years, the percentage of teenagers with an iPhone in the United States has doubled. Indeed, in 2012, 40% of American teens owned an iPhone.

The investment bank has been conducting these teen surveys regularly for more than 10 years. As part of the fall 2022 survey, it interviewed 14,500 teenagers from 47 American states, with an average age of 15.8 years.

Good news for iPhone and services

At a time when we expect an annual decline in smartphone sales worldwide, due to inflation and the war in Ukraine, this survey is good news for the Cupertino company.

Quoted in a Yahoo Finance article, analyst Harsh Kumar of Piper Sandler explains that the ownership of an iPhone at 87% and the intention to buy an iPhone at 88% among teenagers are approaching the record on this survey.

This is good news for the iPhone renewal cycle (since current users therefore intend to continue buying Apple). Moreover, this trend should also boost the growth of Apple services (which are, for the most part, reserved for users of iPhone and other Apple products).

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