Leave with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Watch5 for less than €600? It’s possible at RED by SFR


If you are planning to change your smartphone, we have found the golden offer of the moment. At the moment, RED by SFR allows you to treat yourself to the essential Galaxy S22 and the new Galaxy Watch5 from Samsung for only 599 euros. Even better ? There are no strings attached. You are therefore not required to subscribe to a mobile plan or to commit for months and months to take advantage of this phenomenal offer.

Indeed, with this offer, RED by SFR is positioning itself as a simple reseller, like many others. You can, of course, associate this pack with a mobile plan without operator commitment, but this is not mandatory. You are definitely the winners in this case.

I take advantage of the offer at RED by SFR

Samsung Galaxy S22, real darling

Released only a few months ago, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is an essential premium smartphone on the market today. Featuring the latest generation Exynos 2200 chip engraved in 4 nm, the Galaxy S22 is a marvel that achieves admirable performance. All your applications run smoothly, even when they are resource-intensive. If you’re running several simultaneously, don’t worry: Samsung’s smartphone holds up.

Enduring, the Galaxy S22 is a companion that follows you for a whole day without weakening. You can go out without fear of running out of battery. With a capacity of 3700 mAh, it is not about to let you down. And when it’s flat, it takes advantage of fast charging up to 25W. It’s a considerable saving of time on a daily basis, you’ll see.

Samsung is used to offering us smartphones with neat screens. Of course, the Galaxy S22 is no exception. Thus, the new baby of the South Korean manufacturer sports a Splendid 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with FHD+ definition, 1300 nits brightness and 120 Hz refresh rate. To watch your current series, like House of the Dragon, it’s regal. If the design of the Galaxy S22 is not very different from that of its predecessor, there are some welcome adjustments to this smartphone with its refined and elegant appearance.

To create magical memories, the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers a triple camera with a 50-megapixel main sensor. The photosites of its sensors are larger, which means that the smartphone’s camera captures more light for better rendering. Coupled this with better digital image processing thanks to the Exynos 2200 chip and you have simply exceptional shots.

Galaxy Watch5

© Samsung

Galaxy Watch5, faithful companion on your wrist

This summer, Samsung lifted the veil on its brand new connected watch. Very health-oriented, the Galaxy Watch5 tracks your sleep or counts the number of steps you take each day. With its 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive sensor, the new Samsung smartwatch functions as a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and optical heart rate (HR) sensor.

Samsung unveils a very practical fast charging for its new Galaxy Watch5. Thereby, 30 minutes is enough for your connected watch to go from 0 to 45% and the charger is, in addition, wireless. In addition, its battery is 13% larger than its predecessors, which gives you a watch with better autonomy than what Samsung has been doing until now. Finally, its sapphire crystal screen is the most beautiful effect but not only. It is also water resistant and is 60% more scratch resistant. You can style your Galaxy Watch5 any way you want with multiple straps and watch faces that look just like you.

At SFR, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Watch5 cost you €599

Until October 17, RED by SFR offers you to leave with the two excellent Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Watch5 from Samsung at a smashed price. Indeed, the pack including the premium smartphone and the connected watch drops to 599 euros instead of 1099 euros. You thus make a saving of 500 euros.

How is it possible ? At RED by SFR, this pack is granted an immediate discount of 350 euros, bringing it down to 749 euros instead of 1099 euros. Then, you can combine a 100 euro refund offer on the Galaxy S22 and a 50 euro refund offer on the Galaxy Watch5, on demand and deferred. In total, it costs you 599 euros.

Good news: to take advantage of the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Watch5 for less than 600 euros at RED by SFR, you do not have to subscribe to a mobile plan or commit. Note, however, that the RED by SFR 100 GB package is currently at 17 euros per month without commitment. You benefit, thus, from a generous envelope of gigas and which should satisfy you.

I take advantage of the offer at RED by SFR

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